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  • Kane

    Someday it’ll be legal and easier for my boyfriend/lover and I to rasie a kid; I hope it’s a boy, and I hope he grows up to be like this little dude.

  • L.

    @Kane: I’m sure you will, and I’m sure he will.

  • Christopher in VA

    Amen, Kane: what a great kid, and what great parents for supporting their child in this. Way more than some would have done. Cheers to Will and his family!


    I would love to watch Will get into a debate with Maggot Gallagher or any of other frightwing lunatics who spew nothing but distorted facts and bigotry. Would be pure joy to watch the get absolutly schooled by this awesome little guy………

  • Cam

    I loved the interviews that came out with the family of this kid when the story origionally broke. The poor father and mother, looked a bit mystified by their child, but they also seemed to convey the attitude of “Well, we raised him to be honest, and tried to convey a sense of right and wrong, this took us a bit by surprise but he is our son, he’s right and we’ll support him.”

    Great kid, and great family.

  • AndrewW

    THIS makes a real difference.

    Any time we get someone to stand for us and our equality we make verifiable progress. This contribution to the cultural conversation goes a lot further than protest, civil disobedience or attention-seeking activists.

    We need more people like Will.

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