WIll Smith And Trey Songz: Hooking Up Or Just Committing Felonies Together?

Will Smith (star of Six Degrees of Separation and Hancock) has long been dogged by rumors of homosexuality. And now that he has started hanging with Trey Songz (the musician behind “Bottoms Up,” “Does He Do It” and a video filled with shirtless men), the bastion of credible journalism known as The National Enquirer has implied that the two men might be up to some malarky of either the anal or illegal sort.

According to D-Listed‘s Michael K:

One of Trey’s friends, record executive Troy Taylor, kept the flame on that [gay Will Smith] rumor going by telling the Enquirer that his lips are sealed about [Smith and Songz’] relationship:

“I know that Trey and Will have been friends for a very long time, but I can’t speak to the nature of their relationship. It’s none of my business.”

“I can’t speak to the nature of their relationship” is a shady gossip queen’s way of making the blow job gesture with just words.

Actually, whenever we have heard someone say “I can’t speak to the nature of their relationship” that either means:

A) The speaker doesn’t know shit and just wants to seem like they do,

B) The speaker knows that they’re humping, but doesn’t want to dish his pal, or

C) The two men are up to some dirty skullduggery shit possibly involving corrupt politicians, small mountains of cocaine, or a Colombian hooker ring.

Either way, gay rumors have long flown Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s allegedly bisexual Hollywood marriage (after all, they are Scientologists). We can’t speak to the nature of their relationship, but we wouldn’t mind seeing some physical proof of it either.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Never heard this about Will Smith but, there are pictures on the “internets” of Chris Brown, or pictures allegedly of Chris Brown fucking a guy. Some speculate his rage toward Rhianna was based on unresolved, psycho-sexual issues.

    You decide for yourself if this is Chris Brown:

  • James

    There have been rumors about Will for years.

  • Reason

    He is the DL king…

  • Zen

    Obviously some of them are gay that we hear these “DL” rumors about. Yeah, not many celebs come out, but the ones who do are NEVER black because the black ones are “on the DL”. Not every black male celebrity is straight.

  • Tony

    Hmmm, don’t really believe it..but if they made a porn, I would so watch it.

  • Razzmatazz

    I hope this is true. And that they release a sex tape.

    Judge me all you want.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    Child pleeease. So what.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’ve said this before – I have no idea about any particular celebrity – but it seems pretty obvious to me that in high school and college, almost everyone in the theatre dept. is Gay. They go to Hollywood and all of a sudden they’re 99% straight? I don’t think so!

  • Nathan

    @Jaroslaw: I just wish they had the courage to come out… like it or not if Will Smith or Jay Z came out as gay they’d change a lot of minds.

  • JoeyO'H

    rumors of Will & Jada gay sexual affairs have been flogging them for years. That could be why they have a large compound outside Hollywood in Malibu Canyon where they can live under the guise as a “Str8” couple without the glare of Hollywood paps and tabloid writers. But as usual, this kind of “Gossip” always comes out as there is always someone willing to eventually talk. Funny, I’ve always questioned Trey Songz sexuality.
    Now his record producer won’t speak or can not comment on the nature of their Smith & Songz’ relationship? What? Sounds like the producer knows a helluva lot more than he’s willing to talk about. That’s very bizarre. If there’s nothing to tell, than why such a comment?
    More and more will come out about Will & Jada. You can’t keep something like this quiet, especially if you’re in the public eye, such high profiled as the Smith’s, as this always makes it’s way into the mainstream media.
    The thing with Jada and Marc Anthony was nothing more than a smokescree, to divert attention away from their private lives becoming public.

  • Boy wonder

    Maybe he is Bi. And not full on gay. Every one seem to forget that a guy can have sex with both a guy and girl and not just one or the other.

  • dede

    a gossip or indeed a choice of her life. who know only their

  • Rico1907

    @Boy wonder: Gay men can also have sex with a boy and a girl.

  • Fashion Finder

    Here’s the bigger question…Why was Puffy sitting with the Djokovic crew during the US Open semifinals last night? Djokovic is 24. Puffy is over 40. WTF? Yeah, I saw Djokovic’s girlfriend there, but… know Puffy likes em young and white. Hmmm, I want the Enquirer to do something with that.

  • dvdboy

    i away believe will was gay.

  • Just Sayin'

    Good catch Fashion Finder. My radar was pinging with all sorts of weird signals every time the cameras turned to Puffy in Djokovic’s box at the U.S. Open semis Friday. And Puffy’s behavior in the box? All that fist pumping, jumping on his feet, screaming and those fierce facial expressions, all in support of his “boy” Djokovic? Someone please explain what that relationship is all about and how it came about so suddenly. Just waiting for Novak to show up struttin’ his stuff on the runway in Fashion Week; is Puffy putting on a show there too? I have no idea if Novak is gay, but beards aren’t an exclusive ploy of Hollywood actors. Or Puffy could be just crushin’ on a straight boy who understandably doesn’t mind some adoration from other celebrities.

  • SteveC

    Jada Pinkett Smith is not very discreet when she’s out and about with her girlfriend.

  • Stephanie Turner Aldridge

    I won’t believe this until I see it from them !

  • Me!

    Every heterosexual marriage is trash talked by the gays all over the internet. Pretty much every good looking actor black or white is rumored to be gay/bi and the girlfriends/wives/kids are always for show just because gays want it that way and they don’t take no for an answer.

  • Lefty

    @Me!: They’re both Scientologists. As far as proof goes, it’s as good as having photos of Will with a big juicy cock up his ass and Jada licking out the muff. :)
    Oh, and try reading the comments over the internet about some celebrity gay marriages if you want to see “trash talk”.

  • Ben

    Committing Felonies Together??? two black guys can only commit felonies or be gay together and nothing else, really? and you wonder why minorities don’t support gays? I sometimes say racist things about some rappers myself but i would never ever have the heart to trash talk someone as kind hearted and most down to earth guy like Will Smith, you gays are the most racist community in America.

  • Me!

    @Lefty: I read it all and heard it all, it’s all one wishful gay rumor after another and it’s never backed up by an actual prove rather than the typical dubious claims of a “friend of a friend” or the overheard words of an alleged insider. It gets old and musty really quick, no one with a double digit IQ takes it serious and makes you question if gays are actually capable of coming up with original ideas for speculation rather than recycle the hell out of the old and the tired one.

  • Lefty

    @Me!: I agree. They tried this same crap with Rock Hudson too! And Liberace!!! These gays just can’t seem to leave the straights alone…

  • Lefty

    @Ben: “I sometimes say racist things about some rappers myself but i would never ever have the heart to trash talk someone as kind hearted and most down to earth guy like Will Smith, you gays are the most racist community in America.”

    So, according to you, it’s okay to be racist but not towards black people who have carefully crafted public personas of kindness?
    Hmmm, there’s a flaw in your reasoning there, Ben… :)

  • Lefty

    Anyway, this isn’t even about Will Smith. If anyone had bothered reading the title it’s clearly about Wlll Smith and Trey Songz.

  • Me!

    @Lefty: You went far back in time; I was expecting you to use Ricky Martin or one of the new once for a comeback. Anyone who stumbled upon a few internet gay speculations can successfully predict the next gay comeback. Let’s see the gay logic here, among plenty of actors that have had gay rumors about them since the ancient Hollywood, only 1-2% of them have been found gay, therefore the rest of 98-99 % must also be gay, who cares if people are entirely different from each other, right? If the rumors were true about Rock Hudson and a few other actors, therefore they must also be true about the rest of them. That’s the gay logic.

  • Lefty

    @Me!: The rumours were true about Rock Hudson??? OMG, I refuse to believe it!! Rock Hudson was ALL MAN! Do you have proof of this disgusting accusation, please???

  • Lefty

    @Me!: “Anyone who stumbled upon a few internet gay speculations…”

    You keep stumbling onto gay sites too, eh? Keeps happening to me… :(

  • Me!

    @Lefty: Another predictable comeback, is it too much to ask for a little originality? can you gays manage a few seconds off constantly lusting after boys and think about new ideas for speculations and comebacks? You need a new game plan,i tell you! Every thing that you said or going to say has already been said.

  • Lefty

    @Me!: You seem to be getting quite agitated. :(

  • Ben

    @Lefty: As a self respecting creep, I have gathered info over the years about Mr. Smith’s persona. I’ve carefully compared and contrasted his on and off camera persona before and after fame, hoping to prove he’s just another arrogant black guy and finally gave up. Everyone who knows him before he was famous says the exact same thing we know about him after he hits stardom. He is genuinely the most down to earth, as big eared and as big hearted. Its not an act, in fact he kind of sacks at acting , doesn’t he? I mean there is the fresh prince and that’s it. He also never responded to the gay rumors in a homophobic manner like celebrities do, in fact he recalls how stupid he was for refusing to kiss a guy in that six degree movie, back when he was the fresh prince kid, now he has no problem kissing a guy on national tv even if the guy is an unpleasant looking Letterman, so any way my point is I wish every rapper out there could follow his step, most of them are full of themselves, arrogant and very irritating, so I’m not saying its ok for me to be racist , I’m saying i won’t feel bad if I trash talked those who deserve it and lots of them do so yeah good for me!

  • Me!

    @Lefty: sorry, didn’t mean to be rude, i was just hoping to have a civilized conversation rather than the old and the usual. You have a nice day my friend.

  • Lefty

    @Me!: How very interesting. :)

  • Lefty

    @Ben: Fair enough. Sorry x

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