Will There Be a Showdown in Moscow Between Obama & Gay Activists?


Just because Russia has done such an admirable job shutting down the activities of gay rights organizers doesn’t mean they won’t try, try again. And just because Barack Obama is the leader of the freest nation in the world doesn’t mean he can avoid criticism on maintaining second-class citizen policies. Put those things together, and you’ve got a showdown between Russian activists and Obama.

The president, who will visit Moscow on July 7, may be met by protesters in front of the U.S. Embassy there. Organizers are looking to secure a permit for a demonstration. Of course, this is Moscow, and the land of Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who has a tendency to refuse such permits.

But even if protesters manage to line up outside the embassy — they’re looking to send a message for marriage equality in both the U.S. and Russia — Obama also has a tendency to ignore the folks outside.

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  • Ken

    What else is new. obama will not be helping us at all. He is just there, like the democrats before him, to get our votes, take our money, use our organizing and grass roots activism, and then drop us, and try to kick us further back into the closets like good lil fags.

  • scottie

    ‘And just because Barack Obama is the leader of the freest nation in the world’ You’re kidding right? Since when was the US ever the free-est nation?

  • sweetdog

    Good lord. Doesn’t this asshole ever stay home? He’s spent more time abroad than he has at home. I’ve never seen such a pompous, globe-trotting, camera hungry, whistling (don’t use words that have an “s” in them) man who can’t read the front of postage stamp without a teleprompter. Stay home and do your damn job like you were elected to do.

  • Brian

    @Sweetdog –

    If you knew anything about politics, you would surely know that state visits are a huge part of a President’s job. Just going to these countries gets him a ton of credibility and political muscle, which he can then use in negotiations with foreign governments.

    I think Obama’s “globe trotting” is a huge improvement over Bush’s 400+ days he spent clearing brush in Texas.

  • Dennis

    News flash for you, “genius”…for the first time in 8 years we have a president who is not an international JOKE and recruiting tool for anti-American hatred….We have LOTS of work to do to repair relationships with other countries/allies, and to undo the damage created by the fucktard from Texas.

  • petted

    I don’t know the Russian’s love thumbing their noses at Americans – the protestors may well get a permit

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