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Will You Join Randi Reitan Is Quitting Your Target Shopping Sprees?

Randi Reitan is the mother of a gay son. She’s also a Target shopper. Or she was, until she learned the retail giant was donating money to a PAC that’s trying to put vehement bigot Tom Emmer in the Minnesota governor’s mansion. If Randi stays true to her guns, she’ll also discontinue any shopping she does at Best Buy, as the electronics store is also backing MN Forward.

Target has a market cap of $38.53 billion. America’s queers have $743 billion. And we’ll certainly find somewhere else to spend it.

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  • Jeff

    YES! everyone should if that’s the way Target REALLY fells. How many times do we need to be taken advantage of

  • whatever

    no way, dude. tar-jay 4 lyfe!

  • James Davis

    Good for her. This is how we will affect change, by sticking together and exerting pressure with our wallets and our allies wallets.

  • AlanInS.L.UT

    What a wonderful woman. I hope more people follow suit and continue to boycot Target. I use to work for target a few years back. I was discriminated against by the management. I was cornered on many occasions and told that I was too gay and needed to “fix it” or there were going to be problems. I reported this to their HR, only to have the person who was causing most of the issues to be promoted. I found this to be true for others who worked there also. Of course I quit due to this treatment.

    Target supporting a bigot for governor does not surprise me at all. I sincerely hope they get hit hard because of people like this wonderful woman boycotting them out of respect for us LGBT folk.

  • TommyOC

    I’m VERY proud of this woman. I’m glad she’s got our backs.

    Regarding a Target boycott: I’ll buy my food at a grocery store. Maybe some necessities too.

    …but there are some things that can only be bought at the cheap at two places nationwide: Target, and WalMart. And I’m not doing WalMart.

  • Moo


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Cam

    The Target in the DC area is gay gay gay, if even some of the gay community here boycotts it will be a huge blow to their bottom line.

    As for TommyOC, I get that you don’t like Wal-Mart, but when Target is donating to an organization funding a politician who has ties to groups that say that putting gays to death is moral, I really think that your other objectsions to Wal-Mart should take a back seat.

  • Ronbo

    For those of you willing to shop and fund the fundies…

    Make sure that you speak with the Target manager on your way out to explain that it is gay dollars that make the store profitable. Ask if they send this store’s profits to anti-gay politicians. Don’t be nasty or horrible, just let them know you like their in-store anti-discrimination policies and you wish their corporate management would take the same stance with politicians. $150,000.00 is a lot of money to give to someone who favors chemical castration for all of us “perverts”. Stockholm syndrome doesn’t apply if you try to pull them in the right direction.

  • JohnnyTrue

    I will definitely be joining the boycott. I don’t want my dollars supporting the enemy that is trying crush me. Screw them all.

  • Steven

    I was just about to go to Target for some shopping when I read of the donation. I changed my shopping habits. Didn’t know about Best Buy but will add them to the no-buy list.

  • redd

    I will not. Here is why… so I don’t shop at walmart for similar reasons, I don’t shop at target for similar reasons, so that leaves me paying more to go else where that may or may not be more gay friendly (depends on how transparent they are with where the money goes).

    So that means I have less money to spend/give elsewhere. So what is the first to go… donations to worthwhile causes, luxury items etc.

    Sorry, but unless Target knows that we are going else where they won’t get it (or care).

    I am all for putting my money where my mouth is, but when it takes money out of my pocket then I have to think twice.

    I can choose to pick other airlines, brands etc. But lets face it Target/Walmart are pretty much it when it comes to places to get a good price on everyday products.

    Let the flaming/bashing begin.

  • Greg Theron

    Fabulous for her! She’s so brave and has a lot of willpower. I LOVED TARGET. Looks like I need to find another place to shop now? Where or where to shop now.

  • homer noble

    Target is my store, now and forever. Let the bigots go to the neighborhood garage sales!

  • MaxH


    I’m with you. I can’t afford to boycott the cheapest stores. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Target will give $150,000 to some gay organization, and this boycott will vanish into the ether.

  • Sarah

    @TommyOC: There are many local hardware stores, whole foods carries some housewares, and KMart is a nationwide big box retailer that does not engage in this behavior. Yes, a boycott like this is not easy, but it’s necessary. Break up your errands into the smaller retailers who keep money in your local neighborhood anyway.

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