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William Sledd Was Going to Be Bravo’s YouTube Star. Then Everything Fell Apart

ZOMG, remember William Sledd? He was YouTube’s breakout fashion criticism star. FROM 2007! That was when he was hosting his own Ask a Gay Man series, where sometimes a girlfriend would join him in front of the camera to make fun of Wal-Mart shoppers. Then, he all but disappeared from the Internet shortly after the June 2007 announcement that he struck a deal with Bravo. From there, his videos mostly left YouTube, started appearing on, which we ignored, because, yuck, corporate, and also, are you kidding me? (and which doesn’t exist anymore?), and William was our indie vlogger darling. And something called Hey, Bitches! on Bravo never went anywhere? So here William is again, back on the YouTube, introducing his own new segments called What William Thinks, and what we would like to know about what Williams thinks is what William thinks about Internet fame and its pitfalls.

Oh! This is what happened to William: Bravo dumped him. Because they couldn’t justify investing the time to find advertisers for “such a niche property.” Which is what William’s vlog shtick always was. So, uh, you got what you paid for, and had buyer’s remorse. Sucks. For everyone involved!

Now William — no longer working at the Gap — is the steering the social media unit of a bank in Kentucky, which, hey, it pays the bills. But glad to have you back on the internetty thing, Sleddy. Hi!

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  • Sam

    Used to be a fan. Now I’m more into Shane Dawson.

  • fatbeard

    He says that he isn’t egotistical but when every other word is “me”

  • JoeyB

    Has-been. Next.

  • alan brickman

    sad little famewhore…..

  • mojojojo

    He is no Chris Crocker

  • Tessie Tura

    I was a fan, until his brief rise-ette to fame resulted in constant me, me, me.

    I believe he had already run out of material before Bravo picked him up.

  • BMax

    Dumb, C U N T.

  • Tina Tuna


  • TommyOC

    Kentuckians – Kentuckiers? – use social media? With their bank?!?

    You’ll never catch me having Chase as my Facebook friend. Just sayin’…

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