With A Growing Catalog Of Nudie Pics, Top Chef’s Ty-Lör Boring Is Anything Butt

Our bros at Fleshbot (NSFW) got their mitts on some meat-and-two-veg photos of current Top Chef contestant Ty-Lör Boring, an openly gay hash-slinger from Brooklyn.

It turns out Ty-Lör quite likes to display his wares: He’s put out the full spread in issues of Butt, Scum Bag Fag Mag and Headmaster Magazine.  (Um, we have all three—how could we not notice him before?)

On the show, the oft-naked chef is somwhere in the middle of the pack: He’s been at the bottom three times but just won a recent challenge. And Gothamist has some interesting tidbits about Boring, who works at Spasso in the West Village (fully-dressed we presume):

[Boring] explains how he was cast out of his religious hometown at a young age but is drawn back now as both of his parents struggle with their health: his father has suffered 10 heart attacks and his mother is dying of silicone breast implant poisoning.

Sure, the whole thing, including his name, might be part of a bizarro performance art piece, but we give him props for playing it, ahem…straight.

On his Bravo profile, Boring confesses he’s not all that frou-frou: “I have had a lot of great meals in my day but the simple honest pleasures of street food make me happier than 16 courses of anything.”

Meh, that’s fine—we’re pretty lazy in bed.

But seriously Ty-Lör, how do you keep your hands off Tom Colicchio?

Source: Fleshbot (NSFW)

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  • Truthful

    he’s so full of shit

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Truthful: Is this supposed to mean something? Or are you just in a pissy mood today?


    for a white boy..he is PHYNE!

  • Interesting

    I don’t find bald guys attractive.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Interesting: Who gives a shit what you find attractive? Ty-Lor is hot and, I’m guessing, a hell of a lot more “interesting” than you.

  • Trip

    I’d fuck that in a hot second.

  • rj

    @interesting…of course you’re entitled to your preferences, but that’s pretty strange to not find a guy attractive just because he doesn’t have hair–that’s almost like a reverse fetish. There are a lot of really hot bald guys. What’s more interesting is your need to express your feeling here.

  • Wow

    He might not have hair on top of his head, but after watching episode 6, he is attractive by my books. He showed more ballz in that episode than in these pics when he man-ed up to his mistakes. ALSO, in episode 8, he cooked his tribute dinner for his nanny which shows humbleness and respect. He seems to be a good catch on T.V. He just needs to dump that bitch of a friend, Heather. God that woman needs therapy.

  • Interesting

    @rj: I am also not into twink-model, blond haired 22 year olds, but I suspect a lot of gay men are. I have my taste, which tends to be eclectic in terms of race, look, etc. One of the rare categories that never does anything for me is bald guys. I like running my hands through a guys hair as I am having sex with him. If I met a bald guy, came to like him, would I not date him over it? No, I would date him because the totality of who he would make him sexy. Am I going to drool over a sex spread of a bald guy where I know nothing else about him? No, I am not going to drool over a bald guy. the point is I never say never, but as a rule of thumb, he does nothing for me because I am distracted by his lack of hair.

  • LandStander

    You know I never thought I was into bald-headed men myself. Now I have been with one for 6 years and I just want to touch it all the time :D

  • Nick

    He looks like an organ grinder.

  • Bryan

    Sorry but I can’t get ever the ridiculousness of how his name is spelt.

  • Jamie B.

    Well my hat is off to you Ty.
    I could sit and write quick witted little one liners as queens/gay men think is funny or gets them noticed,, but boys, save it for when y’all try out for Rupaul’s Drag race. Adversity and controversy is the golden ticket/ the Deed to Camelot, for the media. So who is the Man with a marketing smarts here.
    So applaud for him and save the Bitch bites and be men.
    Who wouldn’t want a dish prepared from a chef that has eyes the demeaner that could make a Nunn commit cardinal sin.
    Keep it up Ty, and pack light carry on. You are going places with this.

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