Woman Claims She Was Fired By Mars Candy Company For Being Lesbian, Pregnant

M&MA New Jersey woman claims she was fired by Mars North America—maker of M&Ms, Snickers and Skittles—because she was a lesbian, and took leave time during her pregnancy.

Theresa Kwiecinski has filed a discrimination lawsuit in stemming from her September 2011 termination from the candy company, which she says was precipitated by her co-workers discovering she was gay.

Kwiecinski, who worked for the company for a decade, says things began to change dramatically earlier that year, after co-workers met her partner and daughter at a conference. When she returned to the office, Kwiecinski says, her workload increased dramatically.

A year prior, when Kwiecinski was coping with a difficult pregnancy, she said her supervisor marked her performance as “below expectations” because her condition limited her ability to travel. She was marked down again when hospitalizations meant she missed more work.

The supervisor then put Kwiecinski on a performance-improvement plan that proved impossible to maintain—eventually resulting in her termination.