Won’t All the Gays Invite Mike Huckabee Over for Lessons on Manners, Homosexuals?

Steve McDonagh and Dan Smith, who appear on the Food Network as The Hearty Boys, extended an invite to Mike Huackbee to come sup with their four-year-old adopted son Nate, so the ex-gov can truly understand the evil that is gay adoption. And then afterward, at our suggestion, Huckabee can visit Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge’s farm, from their upcoming TV show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, to see first hand that legalizing gay marriage will not legalize man-horse marriage. Or man-sheep marriage.

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  • jeffree

    Great idea asking Huckabee to hang out with the gays. And seeing the results of “gay adoption” first hand.

    Other suggestions: A little tea and teetime with a lesbian couple may be good for him too. Would love to have him participate in or watch a gay rugby team & a lesbian Football match.

    The chances of Huckabee saying YES to any of this is slim to nada, but it’s a creative way 2 put him on the spot.

  • The Artist

    Hickabee should just be ignored. Stupidity is high on his scale. Let us skool him on PEACELUBNBWILD!

  • jeffree

    Any guesses, anyone?
    Do you think Huckabee will even respond to the invitation?

    If he says no: what will his reasoning be?

    If he says yes, will it soften his hardline position versus the LGs?

  • Ogre Magi

    @alicia banks: DAMN, that is the first I heard about that! Sounds like the whole family are a bunch of douche bags!

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