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Would You Rather Date A Guy With A Big Unit Or A Great Personality?


Most guys know the socially approved answer is “great personality.” But is that how they show up in life? When we conducted a 4,000 person study on how gay men behave on dating apps we were surprised to learn that 59% admitted to asking other guys about the size of their penis while 83% actually sent dic pics.

That’s not exactly a win for the “great personality” column.

Still, that’s probably not a fair indication of what gay men prefer given that the apps are engorged with shirtless pics, which heightens sexual not romantic desire. To get at the real answer the question has to make a distinction between dating and sexing. The truth is most of us want it all–a big unit WITH a great personality but since few men have both the question remains: If you had to choose between what’s in his pants and what’s in his heart what would your answer be?

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