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Would You Rather Live In Florida’s New Gay Luxury Resort? Or at Disney World?

In April we learned about G Worldwide, the New York-based gay luxury travel brand that promises beautiful hotels around the world for any gays with some disposable income left. They’ve just announced a new $80 million resort in Wilton Manors, outside Ft. Lauderdale, but we hear another company has already beat them to the South Florida market.

G’s a 700,000 square-foot property is expected to wrap construction in 2011 and in addition to a hotel (with timeshare options) will feature “a fitness center, spa, nightclub, and a variety of dining options, all on property,” says the company’s COO David Holzapfel.

Except, what’s this, there’s another big player in the market? Indeed, and the company is a little one known as … Walt Disney.

For at least $1.5 million (and up to $8 million), Walt Disney World is offering the chance to live inside the park, with the 980-acre Golden Oak development. Buyers will only purchase lots; building their new homes is their responsibility.

And while the gimmick isn’t being marketed specifically to the gays, there are only two types of potential buyers: Wealthy families with a hoard of kids to entertain, and adult gays who still live in a Mickey Mouse fantasy land.

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  • Love Hangover

    There’s one big problem with that Golden Oak development: It would require that one actually LIVE in (shudder) ORLANDO.

    A fate worse than death.

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to live with those nouveaux-riches rednecks…!!

  • stevenelliot

    Id rather live in california. sorry. no amount of posturing can make florida anything but a quasi-southern, good ole boy state.
    At least in Cali Im not eaten alive by mosquitos and beaten over the head by the state government for political gain……

    Ill take palm springs over palm beach any day!

  • ewe

    I do not care for Orlando Florida at all.

  • ewe

    @stevenelliot: I like Santa Barbara myself but make no mistake. There are some of the worst backward religious nutbags in Southern California and they are no friend to any gay people.

  • stevenelliot

    @ewe: I know. I live in Cali. and youre right about santa barbara. its a nice cozy place

  • Steve

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, and I have friends who live in Wilton Manors. The new complex is to be in Wilton Manors, not Fort Lauderdale. Wilton Manors is much more gay than Fort Lauderdale, already, because W.M. is much smaller, so it is easier. The Wilton Drive area is already, basically, a large gay mixed-use neighborhood, with food, entertainment, residential, and even some actual shopping.

    There are serious amounts of vacant space around Wilton drive, now. That is a result of the real-estate bust. A lot of development happened in that area during several years immediately before the bust, so a lot of people are underwater on their property, or being foreclosed. This announcement says that some serious people think the area will recover quickly. Their $114/sq.ft. price point is quite a bit below what we used to call “luxury” around here, so they should do ok, after the market recovers even a little.

  • Steve

    @stevenelliot: There is some truth to your statement. The state government in Florida has been controlled by up-state small-town Republicans for quite a while. They gerrymandered the the house and senate districts so the could keep control, even though the majority of the population lives in three counties in the south.

    This year, we have two initiatives on the ballot in Florida, numbers 5 and 6. If either of them passes, and 7 does not pass, they will not be able to gerrymander the districts again next year. One can hope.

  • ewe

    @Steve: I love Wilton Manors. I heard one can buy a 3 bedroom house for 200,000 right now.


    Am sure the bylaws will be set up like the town of Celebration. You can’t sneeze there without permission. Imagine if they discovered Gays in their midst…………


    Move to Vegas. It’s 24hrs and house are CHEAP! Weather is decent and there’s always a pool nearby. Best part? No Gayborhood to ghettoize yourself! C’mon down y’all!

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