Wow, Look At This Great Swimsuit On World Cup Champ Mario Götze

k43v85a1p0fq1zo8dpqpGerman soccer stud Mario Götze may be forever remembered as the man who single-handedly won the 2014 World Cup for Germany, but before that, he was well-known among soccer fans for having impeccable taste in the swimsuit department.

Deadspin has published a few undated photos of Götze in his amazing swimsuit, presumably taken long before you knew him or cared to hear anything about him. The photos capture an intimate moment between Götze and an unidentified female as they hug on a yacht.

They also have everyone buzzing this week because, well, take a look for yourself!

Those swim trunks are absolutely amazing. The style is so fashion-forward and the color works flawlessly with Götze’s skin tone. The trim is beautifully sewn, I assume, and that waistband is not distracting at all. I can totally see why everyone is talking about Mario Götze and this amazing swimsuit this week!


Wow, what form! I need one for myself.

Check out more shirtless Mario Götze action below:

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  • Cam

    The one thing I’m sure of, is that in that picture, Rhianna looks like a douche. No more duck faces please.

  • Danny

    @cam She’s clearly blowing a kiss.

  • Billy Budd

    It is a pity that wood is for a GIRL.

  • Cam

    @Billy Budd:

    LOL, nobody is going to ask him if he’s gay.

  • Milk

    @Cam: He can be Bi

  • Cam


    Yes, he CAN be, but you’ll notice that my comment simply stated that nobody would ask him if he was gay.

  • mdowod47

    Do you really care? Whether straight, bi or gay 99.999999% of us would never have a chance. One thing that gets me about gay men, they àlways want the cute, hung or hunky guys to be gay! Over all my years I know quite a few straight guys that love to cuddle up with either each other or with guys they know are gay!

  • Paco

    The swimsuit is very sexy. Hope he never wears it to any American water parks. He might get called a queer and threatened with arrest.

  • michael mellor

    The swimsuit is no big deal. It’s just that you should not be getting erect in it when in public. Standards, people, standards.

    As for his face, it looks like twink-central. He’s wasting it on that scrubber in a bikini.

  • Clarity

    Based other (equally enjoyable) online images that I inspected (very closely)Mario is actually wearing Hugo Boss underwear, hence the stretchiness. He must have figured he was safe, being on a yacht in the Mediterranean. He was 21 and a rising (ahem) German football star at the time, obviously still learning about poparazzi. Now that has he scored the World Cup winning goal the photo is back on line with Ann Kathrin Brommel (a German lingerie model & singer & Mario’s GF for 2 years) switched out for the World Cup trophy. Twink-central yes! Except, I forgotten the term for a very buff twink.

  • hotshot70

    one word: SHWING!

  • Billy Budd

    He has a wonderful boner. The world should be celebrating the cup trophy AND the boner.

  • tdh1980

    I find his wood to be oddly unappealing. I would have preferred to see a healthy bulge instead.

  • crowebobby

    That skin!!!!!!

  • Blackceo

    Can we talk about his eyebrows for a minute….

  • Clarity

    Search Mario Gotze and Nuri Sahin images for an intense bromance.

    @tdh1980: for swimsuit bulge check

    Such boyish exuberance in the man — on and off the field. Thank god footballers love to take their shirts off.

    So what is a very buff twink? Twunk? I read it somewhere and can’t find it…

  • ChickenLady


  • JerseyMike

    Whew.. Exciting… NOT!!

  • darkanser

    I bet he was just swimming in cold water. That’ll do it to you every time.

  • Evji108


  • OhHellNo

    @mdowod47: No, you don’t. You know closeted bi guys.

  • Marky

    @mdowod47: *wants that english journalist from Slate magazine who is on Bill Maher’s show sometimes to be gay.* *tiger sounds*

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