Yes, the Opie and Anthony show on SiriusXM radio is not exactly most gay people’s go-to for some quality lowbrow talk radio. But you’d think they’d at least have our back when it comes to accepting gay ads… especially when the gay owner of Boy Butter has regularly advertised his product, which is intended for use in anal sex, on their and many other SiriusXM shows.

Said the hosts: “Believe it or not, it shocks a lot of people, but we support the gays. But the Boy Butter thing is, just… come on. What are we doing? How do you not have a beer company on this show? But Boy Butter?”

That’s a real great argument there, when you can’t even finish your sentence with a supporting reason.

Then, at 3:19, is that a “faggot”-bomb tossed from a caller or is it just us? Naturally, when Eyal Feldman, the owner of Boy Butter, found out, he was enraged.

Feldman writes on the Boy Butter blog, after being unceremoniously informed by an ad sales rep that he could no longer advertise with Sirius:

Opie and Anthony bill their show as being “edgy and uncensored” except they chose to take a product that was helping pay the bills and not only ridicule it, but the person behind the brand and maybe gay people in general with their senseless seventh grade “humor.” They then censored me by banning my sponsorship from that point forward and refused to return my calls and emails to get a simple explanation. It would be awesome to have the opportunity to go on Opie and Anthony to defend myself and present a rebuttal, since they had attacked my product unfairly in a most unprofessional manner.

They owe me a public apology and a proper explanation, devoid of stereotypical gay lisps, for why this issue ever came up in the first place. It would be one thing if this was a show of religious conviction or one that did not have a history of sexualized advertising (i.e., Adam & Eve) – I’m keenly aware that advertising needs to be targeted at an audience that is best suited to receive but my ads were no different than Adam Eve, except my product is apparently for people with lisps. This is the perfect example of this endemic trend of bullying gay people cause it is the last acceptable discriminatory practice.

So, in addition to being the type of straight guys who are okay with gay guys until they have to confront the reality that gay sex exists, Opie and Anthony are cowards. At least own up to your bullshit, kids, and let your advertiser on your show to defend his product.

They say at the end of the show, after thinking about other more mainstream advertisers they could attract, like Dove Soap: “This is the company I’d rather deal with than Dove Soap. How are we going to offend the Boy Butter people? They’re not pulling their sponsorship.”

Right, because the gay dollar doesn’t count. And how unprofessional, to take public shots at their ads sales department. That’s something you do off-air.

Here they’re talking about “stooping low” to take gay ads. That they lose respect by doing so. They should be lucky to have our gay sex pay the bills, because clearly their show is not good enough to do so on its own.

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