XMas Wish Granted: Warwick Rowers Finally Go Full Frontal

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.33.16 AMChristmas has come a week early in the form of British beefcake foreskin.

Our favorite naked athletes, the Warwick Rowers, have released a new video chronicling the creation of their 2015 calendar, and it’s chock full of pale-skinned peen.

Watch as a drone camera creepily captures the good-sported beauties as they frolic through the woods in what can only be described as a pipe dream.

Still, it sure is nice to dream.

And remember, the proceeds of the calendar go towards fighting homophobia, so consider using one to stuff someone’s stocking this year. Or your own, we won’t judge.

Head here to watch the video. (NSFW)