YAWN: Fergie Says She’s ‘Experimented’ With Women


Rather than forcing us to chronicle the “coming out” of every celebrity, maybe Hollywood should issue a blanket statement: Any mildly famous lady star has at least done a little girl-on-girl. This round? Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie.

In what may or may not be a quote invented by a certain British tabloid, Fergie says, “Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend.” How convenient that the new video for the single “I Got A Feeling” features a lesbian “tease.” Way to drum up headlines, Ferg!

Now while you go find a secret lesbian meaning in the Peas’ current single “Boom Boom Pow,” we’re gonna go ogle Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel and hope he’s experimented.

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  • dgz

    She’s also experimented with meth.

  • afrolito


    Several times.

    I do love me some Fergie though, and have managed to forgive her for stealing Josh Duhamel from me.

  • tavdy79

    When I first saw that headline I thought it meant princess Fergie – who wouldn’t be the first Queer in the British royal family if it had been.

  • afrolito


    Her correct title is Sarah Ferguson, The Dutchess of York….not Princess Fergie.

    Flop fag.

  • jams

    In all fairness I heard the interview on the Black Eyed Peas site in a pod cast from an australian radio station.
    Fergie was asked if she had “batted for the other team” and she said she had experimented.

    She has said this many times before like in Blender mag.
    I do not know why it’s a big deal

  • Blue

    I find it hilarious that some gays think you need to be gay to have a homosexual experience, or to have the right to discuss having had one. Like you need a permit. Nobody owns the homosex, or any other kind of sex.

  • Bitch, please!

    Finally I can just use my moniker to express my feelings, “Bitch, please!” Being a pseudo-lezzie is so last century. Yaawwn, indeed!

  • jason

    Oh fuck off, Fergie. You’re just another moronic bitch who’s using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy. You join the ranks of Madonna and many other female pop singers who are pandering to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action. You’re an ugly bitch who is making money by appealing to those who would vote against our rights.

    Note also how this cunt’s male band members have never said anything about having experimented with men. Double standard, eh, Fergie?

  • simon

    I am so sick of these female cunts using female – it’s always female, never male – bisexuality as a stunt to appeal to the very men who would vote against our rights. You’re an ugly, puffy-face bitch, Fergie.

  • afrolito

    Wow at the bitter queens…

    And now Fergie is responsible for homophobes, and the male members of the Peas not admitting to their own experimentation??

    Get a grip. Fergie is not the enemy.

  • bruce

    Note how there’s never a male-male “tease” in their videos, only a female-female one. It just proves that Fergie and her cunt band members are being controlled by the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Fergie is an ugly crow and her male band members look like pimps.

  • bruce

    Fergie is symptomatic of the bisexual double standard which exists in the American music industry and at MTV. Both the American music industry and MTV are responsible for the “girl-girl is hot, guy-guy isn’t hot” notion. Both of them can fuck off.

  • Stefano

    When are all the dudes in Music/Movies coming out with same sex experimentation? Whatta bore…….

  • Star

    LOL at the crabs in a bucket here. Way to go, attacking a woman who dabbled and NOT the actual homophobes in power. Yes, there is a double standard in the public expression of same-sex action. Afrolito is right that this is not Fergie’s fault. There’s no reason to stoop to calling her a cunt.

  • Bri

    I smell misogyny.

  • Alec

    @Star: Moreover, the appeal to female-female “experimentation” is the result of market demand for it.

    Blaming the music industry for reflecting American social and sexual mores? Give me a break.

  • TANK

    She’s going to hell! LOL! I think it might sell, though…I really do…I think that sex might sell, and particularly, dyke fratboy fantasy sex! Hetero lesbobumpin’! I think her handlers might be onto something…

  • strumpetwindsock

    Yeah, I experimented with women too, but eventually I started to get animals in the back yard and I had to clean things up before the health department started nosing around.

  • oskar

    i am sexy oskar and you a sexy black eyed peas a orarayt

  • oskar

    fergie i am oskar can you mery me

  • ron


    I’d lay off the hard liquor for a while, buddy.

  • rrr

    A lot of women do some sort of experimentation with women or have some sort of lesbian experiences in their past. If women celebrities are being honest and open about having had some lesbian experiences or being bisexual that is a good thing and helps normalize queerness. It’s not the women celebrities’ fault male celebrities aren’t as honest and open about any gay experiences they might have had.

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