the shot

Your Chance to See More of a Naked Scott Brown Than Cosmo Would Show

THE SHOT —, makers of the Sarah Palin doll, present their latest creation: the “Anatomically Correct” Scott Brown.

The dolls are $34.95, and if Brown had his way, you could write them off as a medical expense. Which, depending on how you view Brown, might hold some modicum of truth — destroying this little doll might be covered under your insurer’s mental health allotment.

There’s also the “Everyman Action” (below, top) and the “The 2012 Executive” (below, bottom).

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  • fredo777

    wow, even for a doll, that is a terribly cheap-looking + ill-fitting suit. haha

  • dvlaries

    If nothing else, and now that Brown has been elected the Republican senator from Massachusettes, doesn’t his having shown early 80s Cosmo readers himself as Nature made him, blunt Palin’s right to criticize her near-son-in-law for doing exactly the same thing…? (And probably at no more than five years age-difference than Brown was.)

    Or perhaps that’s a quotient of hypocrisy that Palin -of all people- would be just fine with…?

  • romeo

    Talking about him just gives him more credibility, something he doesn’t actually have. So all of this is just an exercise in nothingness.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Over 2000 queens clicked on a doll image with a fig-leaf! LMAO!

  • Tip

    So Mitt Romney didn’t just change his name and color his hair? For realz?

  • Justin Barnes

    Beware of herobuilders. It is a scam/rip-off owned and operated by a gypsy family out of Oxford, Connecticut. The Attorney General’s office in Connecticut receives complaints about herobuilders on a daily basis. The net is full of horror stories besides. The sting works something like this. Herobuilders specializes in controversial action figure dolls. Most of the male dolls supposed to be anatomically correct and accurate. Example: The Scott Brown doll is circumcised while the Dick Cheney doll is not. An order is placed with a credit card. Herobuilders prefer you use PayPal, because after six weeks Paypal will do little or nothing to refund your money. Needless to say the fine print says that it will take at least 8 weeks to finish the doll. Of course money is taken but goods are never delivered.
    In addition to the doll ripoff business herobuilder’s under the name of Miracles Unlimited also specialize in online fortune telling – something like $100.00 bucks for a half hour session. Again, you pay in advance with a credit card.

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