You Want Marcus Patrick and He Knows It


Marcus Patrick admits that he loves publicity, even when it’s bad. And you can bet he got plenty of it after posing for Playgirl last year. Not only did some tabloids rake him, but he wonders whether the fill frontal spread cost him his job on Days of Our Lives. Producers say otherwise.

Regardless, the British born actor has moved on and is currently in New York to promote the DVD of his most recent flick, Descent, which also stars Rosario Dawson. As part of his publicity tour, Patrick will be appearing at the mind-numbingly popular Splash Bar in New York this evening, where he’ll shake his money maker for many-a-homo.

We’re not ones for slip and slide, so our editor opted to meet Patrick at a nice, sanitary office earlier this super Tuesday. Old Belonsky braved Patrick’s devastating good looks, fruit munching and not-so-subtle crotch caressing to get to the thick of Marcus Patrick. The results are – expansive.

Patrick discusses his boy band days, being kidnapped, Britney Spears, blow jobs and his fascination with “real life” – after the jump, of course.

Andrew Belonsky: How are you today?

Marcus Patrick: Yeah. I’m well.

AB: When did you get to New York?

MP: Three days ago.

AB: And where do you live?

MP: California – Canoga Park, which is about twenty minutes to get into Hollywood. It’s not that nice, though. It’s a regular neighborhood.

AB: You live with your fiance?

MP: Yeah.

AB: When are you guys getting married?

MP: I don’t really believe in marriage.

AB: Really?

MP: We’re going to have a non-traditional ceremony. I just want to make sure she’s provided for – if I’m going to do anything legally, then we would like to design a contract ourselves. Marriage was actually designed to enslave women originally.

AB: Right.

MP: And I don’t want to jump into a traditional contract that I don’t necessarily have too much belief in – and I see so many of the celebrities butcher it, so I really do want to take care of Michelle and have her in my life because I love her, not because she’s contracted.

AB: Did you always want to be a performer? I know you’ve been in various businesses for a while.

MP: Yes, I did. It came from being a fighter. I was beaten up quite a bit as a kid and when I was kidnapped by my mother to America –

AB: Your mother kidnapped you to America?

MP: Yeah.

AB: Why did she do that?

MP: Cause my mom and dad got into a huge fight when I was nine and she wanted to spite my dad, so she kidnapped me with my younger sister. We didn’t see my dad for a year – my sister longer. He kidnapped me back a year later. There was this ugly battle across the Atlantic Ocean.

AB: Is that part of the reason why you don’t believe in marriage?

MP: Possibly. It could have been experiences as a child, but as I grew up and saw marriage as going and as a personal trainer saw a lot of these… There’s a lot of delusion and repression and denial – and I haven’t got any of that. I understand people who need to hide under those denial, repression, delusion things, but I’d rather just be real.

AB: Okay… So, you came to America when you were nine and you said you became a performer because of being a fighter.

MP: That started me off. After the beatings, I needed to protect myself. I became such a good father because my father is a karate teacher, so I had an advantage and became a show boater type, a fighter.

AB: Cocky?

MP: Cocky, yeah – cutting back flips, doing splitting kicks. You know, all the shit you saw Van Damme doing. I was drawn to a Bruce Lee, Van Damme idea of the future, but I could sing and dance so I got into a band [Worlds Apart] with Simon Cowell at seventeen.
Here’s Patrick during his boy band days. This track’s called “Everlasting Love” and has been described as “Soooo gay”.

MP: So, I got that when I was seventeen and I got a solo deal at nineteen, and I really just was not ready for any of it. I come from this small town and I wasn’t ready for a life with the cut throat people in the music business. I just didn’t know how to deal with all of that. “Corruption” is the word. I was shocked by the amount of corruption I experienced when I really young. It made me want to draw back from them, rather than get to know them and understand them. For a while I was making good money with music, but it got to be too much for me and I went back in my shell. Being famous as a teenager is a weird thing. You see what happened to Britney. I wasn’t anywhere near as big as her, but there’s still that weird energy that you just didn’t know what to do with yourself.

AB: Do you think that it’s exploitative?

MP: Yes. My heart goes out to Britney, actually. Despite the fact that there are choices she’s making that [aren’t the wisest], but she’s the one in the moment living her life with her teenage laundry out for everyone to see.

AB: And wanting her to fail.

MP: Wanting her to fail and laughing and teasing. Sometimes I wish I could be her personal trainer and actually help her have a bit more strength and genuine support, but you can’t help everybody. But I do sometimes genuinely fear that Britney will end up as a tragedy for America. It really does concern me because at one point she had it all… She just looked so awesome and she’s going through a rebellion to it all and I just worry that she’s going to end up a tragedy.