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You Want To Oust Golf Coach Katie Brenny For Being A Lesbian? Fine, But She’s Suing Ya

Katie Brenny, the 30-year-old now-former University of Minnesota assistant women’s golf coach, who claims she was stripped of most of her job duties after her superiors found out she is a lesbian, is suing. Yahoo!

With her attorney filing a complaint in court today, Brenny claims the school and golf director John Harris violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act when it demoted her after Harris learned she is gay. Brenny initially accepted a severance package from the school, then refused it after hearing about Harris’ homophobia.

To which I say: Good for Katie! It’s very easy for bystanders (like bloggers!) to say private citizens should pursue a court case to set the record straight and make people pay for purposefully discriminating against us based on our LGBT status. But legal battles are costly. Lengthy. And stressful. An easier out, and one I wouldn’t judge someone for taking, would be to grab the school’s cash and call it a day. But that’s not what Katie is doing. She’s going to make this case a public one, and become yet another courageous gay person who won’t let an institution get away with treating our community as less than. Good for her.

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