Zac Efron Broke His Hand While Grabbing Dave Franco’s “Balls Of Steel”

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 12.12.56 PMWith Zac Efron‘s new film Neighbors officially out in theaters, it may be a good while before we’re inundated again with shirtless photos, blowjob stories and discussions about Zac Efron’s giant, circumcised penis. Let’s take this moment to revel in one more homoerotic tale from the set of the frat boy comedy everybody’s dying to see this weekend.

Speaking with Jimy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday, an unfortunately clothed and foul-mouthed Efron revealed that he almost broke his hand trying to fondle Dave Franco‘s balls:

“I grabbed his balls, really hard, and he grabbed mine…and I don’t know what it is, man. Those Franco brothers just have balls of steel. I did legitimately break my hand.”

One can only hope Zac was shirtless when it happened — he said earlier in the interview that Seth Rogen often made him remove his shirt for no reason at all.

Watch a clip from the interview below:

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  • Cam

    I actually used to like Efron based on Hairspray and that goofy movie with Matthew Perry, but honestly, all the articles here on him and the interviews quoted here have made me dislike the guy. The interviews make him sound like a tool, and the over-saturation of him here has just compounded the irritation.

  • Stache99

    @Cam: Me too. It’s practically a Pavlovian reaction with me now.

  • Black Pegasus

    @Cam: @Stache99: I used to feel the same way whenever I saw a “Tom Daley or Davey Wavey” article on this site. But for some reason, I don’t feel that with Zac. I think he’s doing what is required of him to have a career in hollywood. I mean lets face it, he’s not leading man material because he’s kinda short and his face is too pretty. I’m sure he’s uncomfortable with constantly having to submit to the superficial classifications he’s often place in, but what do you expect him to do about it? Quit hollywood and become a construction worker, or maybe get a job at Macys? lol

  • scotshot

    He’s a goods looking, nicely formed Hobbit, liked by many and loved by a few. In a few years he’ll be on an episode of “whatever happened to….”

    I wouldn’t worry though, he’s made more on one movie than most of us will make in our entire lives.

  • tdx3fan

    @Cam: Oh come on, get off the cross. Who cares what his personal life is like or if he is a tool. Who cares if he is a complete arse, since the only thing we really care about is seeing his chest, his arse and maybe more.

    We don’t really care about him, we care about what we want him to be in our fantasies and about his looks and body. Everything else doesn’t matter, so to say he is being the tool is kind of hypocritical.

  • renly

    I saw the movie and enjoyed it. Zac Efron easily spends most of the movie shirtless and Dave Franco’s butt briefly gets the spotlight. There’s nothing really gay about the movie (other than the pretty guys), but there’s no homophobic or gay panic jokes either, which should be considered progress.

  • michael mellor

    Neighbors is not gay-friendly. One to avoid. If Hollywood liberals still can’t include male homosexual relations in their movies, they don’t deserve our money. And I don’t care how many shirtless men there are in it.

  • james_in_cambridge

    @michael mellor: Either you haven’t seen the movie or you’re insane or both. There is nothing homophobic about this movie so get off your fucking cross!

  • Cam


    Get off the cross? You might want to look up what that actually means.

    The interviews are irritating, the movie has nothing gay in it, just the same tired old stereotypes. And from watching the previews I can already solve Seth Rogans problem. It’s a residential neighborhood. Call the police and they will shut down the Frat House. There problem solved.

  • scotshot

    @michael mellor: If you don’t like what’s offered stay home. Not every movie or TV show is going to include gay characters. To require that wouldn’t that put us in the league of gay mafia or gay fascists. The market decides and it’s been on our side a lot lately.

    Too many seem to be forgetting that there are many more important issues occurring and we’re seeing screaming matches?


    @tdx3fan: Right on. He is your basic fantasy f__k kind of guy. it is arousing when you link thoughts of his ‘junk’ to that cutsey facial look and body. yep, makes me want to ‘cream my jeans’. yah f__king hoo!

  • SteveDenver

    @Cam: Efron was recently on Graham Norton and was absolutely charming. I was previously annoyed with his virginal teen heartthrob persona that was the epitome of over-saturation. His role was quite good in 2012’s film THE PAPERBOY, but this and his previous film THAT AWKWARD MOMENT are pure mainstream twaddle.

  • Billy Budd

    If I had to choose between Efron and Franco, I would choose Franco. I would pump him so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk appropriately for weeks.

  • Cam


    That was my issue. I used to like the guy, it’s Queerty’s postings have have made me irritated with him. They are accomplishing the exact opposite of their intention.

  • ChgoReason

    Based on diction and syntax I could see how some of the commenters on the Queerty boards are the same person. That’s a little strange.

  • DK

    @scotshot: “The market decides” is the biggest BS excuse for everything always trotted out to defend small-mindedness, ironically, those who like to call themselves champions of personal responsibility.

    The market doesn’t decide, people do. Hollywood sets trends and influences taste, it doesn’t just respond to them. The suggestion otherwise is hogwash. To the extend that Hollywood chooses not to move public opinion on gay stereotypes, people are responsible not invisible forces.

  • ChgoReason

    [email protected]DK: The market is the people. How else would you suggest to gauge people’s tastes, if not through their purchasing power? The media is a suggestive tool, but it is not as strong as information. You should really take the time to flesh out your ideas cuz I’m not too sure what you’re trying to say.

  • scotshot

    @DK: Here we go again with someone throwing a hissy fit that perfectly illustrates my point. I’d explain it to you but why waste the time?

  • Cam


    You are absolutely correct. And old rant, but once again…

    Brokeback Moutnain made more money than Scream. For the next decade or so, not only did we get Scream Sequels, but tons of Scream Copycats.

    Even though Brokeback made more money, we did not get a single gay themed movie from a major studio in the same time.

    The marketplace was there, Hollywood chose not to listen or care.

  • Cam


    Meaning you’d explain but you can’t.

  • DK

    @ChgoReason: @ChgoReason: There is a market for porn, as demonstrated by purchasing power — why aren’t Hollywood movies pornographic? The idea that Hollywood execs are just responding to purchasing power is ridiculous — I worked at Warner Brothers for a time. They have their own tastes, fears, and prejudices and that influences what gets made and who gets to appear in them.

    You underestimate the influence of cultural product on trends, tastes, conditioning, and societal evolution. You should read up on all of the above, then you might be able to understand complex ideas.

    @scotshot: And I’d explain to you why apathy towards under representation accomplishes nothing and is thus irrelevant, but why bother? I’ll suggest you take your own advice: not every comment is going to be to your liking, so if you don’t like it, then by your logic, type something else into your address bar. The discussion here is rational; you’re the only one melodramatically sqwaking about hissy fits and screaming matches in a (failed) attempt to shutdown discourse you don’t want to heart. But that’s your own personal problem.

    @Cam: Nail, meet head.

  • mgmchicago

    I prefer to think of the over-hyping of celebrities like Zac (or products like iPod, or musical fads like new wave, or political movements like the tea party) as pop art. They start out edgy and cool, move into the mainstream, burn hot and then die. If viewed from Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame perspective, I find it quite fun to experience the process and then move on to the next hot item, without taking any of it too seriously. I find Zac as sexy as f**k, but I will eventually move on to drooling over the next guy coming up through the Disney ranks. Just hope (for his sake) that Zac is smart and is able to parlay this moment into some sort of long-term career.

  • connorlarkin19

    @Stache99: @Stache99:

    Did you swallow a Dictionary or an encyclopedia?

  • scotshot

    @DK: The market as chgoreason said, is people. In all the comments regarding movies no one mentioned TV. More people watch Modern Family than saw Brokeback Mountain. I’ll take one Modern Family over ten shitty movies anytime.BTW My earlier comment had nothing to d with apathy.

  • scotshot

    @Cam: I can. but why waste it on you?

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