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Zac Efron reveals which male actor he’d most like to film a sex scene with

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Zac Efron just participated in Vogue‘s “73 Questions” video series, where he revealed a sexual fantasy about a fellow actor.

Beyond learning the films that made him whoop with laughter (Pineapple Express) and weep tears of sorrow (The Titanic), we get to find out which of his male stars gets him feeling hot n’ heavy. In theory, anyway.

Efron is asked: “What was it like to kiss Dwayne Johnson in the Baywatch movie?”

“Absolutely amazing,” he says. “He’s perfect, breathtaking.”

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“It sounds like you enjoyed the experience,” the interviewer crows.

“It was amazing.”

Then, when asked what male actor he’d most like to have a sex scene with, he responds, “The Rock. To finish what we started.”