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5 gifts that show your love for your super-cool PFLAG mom


When they’re loving allies, life is so much easier (and when they’re not, well, you can always take revenge).

If you’ve got one of the good ones — the one who hugged you and said, “I know, honey,” when you came out to her, the one who invites your significant others into her home for a meal, the one who marches beside you in the local pride parade — then we say use the holiday to show her just how much her devotion has meant in your life.

1. The Mayor Who Would Be Prez

Pete hoodie

If your mom is a Pete fan — and what mom could possibly resist “Boot Edge Edge” — she’ll want this Pete Logo Hoodie ($60) to keep her warm all winter long as she looks ahead to the 2020 election (210 days from Christmas, not that we’re counting; okay, yes, we’re counting).

2. Song of Herself

Live Oak With Moss

For book-loving moms, the new illustrated edition of Walt Whitman’s Live Oak, With Moss ($29.99) features a dozen of the writer’s most daring poems, accompanied by gorgeous drawings from award-winning illustrator Brian Selznick. Hint: Make sure to leave this one out on mom’s coffee table next time you bring home a serious candidate for Mr. Right.

3. Mother’s Little Helper

Stoli Stonewall Bottle

Think you’re the only one who enjoys an ice-cold martini or vodka tonic now and then? Stoli put out this limited-edition bottle ($35) with original artwork by Lisa Marie Thalhammer to mark the 50th anniversary of Stonewall earlier this year, and it’s still available for you to raise a glass to the woman who made you strong.

4. Hearts and Minds

HRC mug

The Human Rights Campaign does so much to better the lives of LGBTQ+ all over the world. Combine your support of them with a gift duo for Mom in this “Love is Love” mug ($12.95) and candle ($24) that will make her me-time cozy and meaningful.

5. Lord of the Ring

Macy's pride rings

Considering this is the woman who birthed you and kept you alive, is a ring really too much to ask? We think not. Macy’s features a collection of “rainbow” pieces that range from costume ($29) to multi-sapphire and diamond ($2640), and every price point in between.

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