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7 times Gay Twitter™ had us cackling our hashtags off this year

A collage of some of gay Twitter's main characters from this year: Spanish bus mascot La Bussi, Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the Burger King Pride Whopper.

Despite Elon’s reckless layoffs and wild hip-fire alterations to the platform, Twitter is still more or less in one piece. Whether it continues to stand or it goes down tomorrow, we can look back on this year’s Gay Twitter moments and have a good Trixie and Katya scream-laugh.

While Mr. Musky goes on tirades against pronouns (to further estrange his own trans daughter), gets booed offstage, and loses his status of “world’s richest man“, we’ll be joking around on the bird app ’til the wings fall off.

As 2022 draws to a close, let’s reminisce on some of our favorite moments:

Burger King’s Pride Whopper

Burger King Austria saw a franchise in San Francisco put their whoppers in rainbow wrappers for Pride month back in 2014 and decided it wasn’t quite sexually charged enough. The restaurant chain kicked off Pride month ’22 by announcing they’d be selling whoppers with the same bun on either side. Customers could choose to either devour two tops or have their meat be put between two bottom buns. Either way, love won!

Our top picks:

President Eisenhower’s diva sit

An account devoted to posting rare photos of former presidents innocently twote out a pic of Dwight D. Eisenhower sitting pretty. We don’t know if it’s the leg cross, the arm draped across the lap, or the show smile, but the gays clocked something immediately. Even Lil Nas X jumped in to call our former Commander in Chief one of the “gworls”.

Our top picks:

Skittles tasting the rainbow

Everybody loves a bit of fruity flavor on their tongue, but whoever was running the skittles account took it a little too far back in June. The account liked a tweet that had tagged them and used a “taste the rainbow” caption — a move that would’ve been harmless if the tweet in question weren’t a pole pic from an OnlyFans model. In the words of Beyoncé, “Somebody’s gettin’ fired!”

Our top picks:

The Twitter Circle rollout

One of the biggest concerns from the gays around the downfall of Twitter has been fretting over how they’ll thirst for the mutuals if the platform dissolves. Sometimes Snapchat and Insta Close Friends and Tumblr aren’t enough! This concern is especially heightened as Twitter added a new private posting feature just this year very much akin to the Close Friends feature. The day the feature widely rolled out was a nude free-for-all.

Our top picks:

“La Bussi”

Photo Credit: Tiktok, @petit_sabadell

Spanish transit system Sabadell unveiled their new bus line mascot in September, and he’s oddly cute! Unfortunately, the team was seemingly not familiar enough with gay English slang to avoid naming their new mascot “La Bussí”. The jokes wrote themselves, but the gays certainly helped them along.

Our top picks:

Naming groundbreaking queer films, wrong answers only

Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in Bros
Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in Bros (Photo: Universal)

After some of the folks behind Bros got a tad condescending about people not turning out for their groundbreaking film, a Twitter user issued a challenge to the internet: “Name a queer film more groundbreaking than Bros.” The answers ranged from Paris is Burning to The Babadook, with plenty of hilarious alternatives in between.

Our top picks:

Casting Liz Truss’ replacement

A shot of Liz Truss leaving her lectern in front of 10 Downing Street. Truss' back is turned to the camera.

Short-lived Prime Minister Liz Truss had the LGBTQ+ community praying on her downfall from day one due to her shoddy track record on queer rights. Little did folks know how quickly those plans would be answered! Truss lasted a stunning 44 days, the shortest Prime Minister stinit in British history. The gays were just as quick to suggest replacements!

Our top picks:

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