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Spain is showing the world its Bussí, and Gay Twitter™ is losing it

Photo Credit: TIktik, @petit_sabadell

This week, Spain’s transit system Sabadell has unveiled a new mascot, and it’s… well… it’s sort of rabbit-like? Or maybe it’s an anthropomorphic onion? What’s green and white and has maps all over? We honestly don’t know what to call it!

But we can say, with confidence, that it is a mascot—one with a rather unfortunate name: La Bussí.

Back in Spain, the character’s strange design has been met with confusion and derision. On the internet, however, La Bussí is already being embraced by the gays, and it’s all thanks to that name.

The stanning began earlier today when La Bussí’s dancing debut on Sabadell’s TikTok made its way to Twitter. Barcelona-based author Huw Lemmey shared the clip, clearly aware their followers would get a kick out of the confounding mascot:

“Bussí,” of course, looks and sounds and awful lot like “bussy”—the English-language slang for “boy p*ssy,” per Urban Dictionary. According to the president of Sabadell, the name’s meant to be a portmanteau of the Spanish words for “bus” and “yes,” as in: Bus + sí = Bussí!

But, you know, once “bussy” gets in your head it’s hard to think of anything else…

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While one has to acknowledge that the term likely hasn’t caught on with Spain’s queer community in the same way it has stateside, Lemmey followed up their tweet saying what we were all thinking:

In any event, the original tweet—with 55k+ likes and counting—has made La Bussí an immediate queer icon. Gay Twitter™ has already adopted the mascot as one of their own, coming in hot with the jokes:

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And a subsection of La Bussí’s new fans are shipping it with our other favorite mystery of a mascot, Gritty (who’s having a big week thanks to their appearance in Abbott Elementary‘s second season premiere):

For others, La Bussí is simply a reminder of some of our other favorite ill-advised ad campaigns over the years…

Welcome to the family, La Bussí!

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