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Adore Delano RuPauls Drag Race in Concert
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Adore Delano is almost exactly as she appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Charming, a little flaky but not stupid, a little ADD, very open and friendly. “I’m an open book,” she said before discussing intimate aspects of her life as if we were long lost friends – or I was her mom, maybe.

Adore and I were chatting about her punk rock roots when I clocked her Misfits backpack.  The Misfits are Adore’s favorite punk group and she often wears a Misfits T-shirt when performing. I asked her where she got the backpack (circled in the picture below), and that’s when the conversation turned to romance:

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“The guy that I was dating that I wrote my second single ‘I Adore U’ about, got this for me.  His name was Colton.”

The song – not the video – is a true story.

“The song is basically about commitment issues.  I broke his heart. He’s an awesome guy. I wrote the song because I wanted to stop talking to him. I would never cheat on anybody.

“I felt like I have commitment issues and once I start seeing interest in anybody else I will completely quit. I will never cheat on anybody, so that’s why I just completely quit it.

“I didn’t meet anybody else, I was just kind of having my fun. I was going out, I was meeting people.  It wasn’t a good time to be tied down.

“It was right after I filmed Drag Race and I was like, ‘I’m gonna be on the road.’ But he’s literally one of the first things I think about when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep.

“He hasn’t met anybody else yet.  He’s waiting for me.  He did start “talking to” a guy I used to date and I went berserk. It’s funny how that happens.”

Even though Colton still clearly has her heart, Adore insists they were and are not “official.”

“I’ve never been in a relationship before. I’ve dated but I’ve never had that official title. I eject real quick. I find a flaw and I completely eject.”

Punk rock attitude or not, Adore’s got a heart of gold and we think Colton should hang in there!

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