Contributing his own rebellious, if unorthodox ideas to the Brunei Boycott, gay comic Andy Cohen has suggested another way to resist the nation’s new homophobic laws: by filming porno at hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

The controversy began when Brunei announced a new law that would make homosexual behavior punishable by death. Actors Geroge Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres announced a boycott of hotels owned by the Sultan of the nation, which include several posh spots in Los Angeles and New York.

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Now Andy Cohen has his own ideas about how to get the Sultan’s attention. Cohen told The Washington Blade: “I said on my show that I think the gay porn companies should start making gay porn at those hotels and making sure that you can tell where it’s being made. I think that would really piss the Sultan of Brunei off. I was kind of only half joking. But of course, I stand by that boycott. But you know the workers could go on strike too, which was Lisa Vanderpump’s idea and I think she’s right. It’s gotta hit them from all sides.”

Bowing to international pressure, the Sultan of Brunei said that the nation would not enforce the death penalty law. Still, international observers and activists remain concerned. Homosexuality remains criminal in the nation, and while the Sultan appears to have his own connection to the queer community, activists fear violence against LGBTQ citizens.

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