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Jordan Peterson

Infamous Canadian transphobe Jordan Peterson recently posted a now-deleted tweet that accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of forcibly collecting semen from its own male citizens. But his “proof” was actually an explicit adult fetish video of (ahem) “cock milking.”

On March 11, Peterson re-tweeted a post from @Songpinganq, a Twitter account that regularly posts content accusing the Chinese government of totalitarian behavior.

Songpinganq’s post said, “What’s going on in China? Three children policy? Warning graphic pictures.” The post contained a video of pantless men restrained to gurneys inside of what looked like a clinic. The men had their penises inserted into tubes that seemed to be milking them like cattle. The video had a digital overlay resembling the computer code taken from The Matrix film series.

Re-posting the tweet, Peterson wrote, “Such fun in unbelievable techno-nightmare CCP hell.”

But the video was taken from an adult fetish “milking” video from the obviously NSFW kink site Podopheleus.

In an NSFW tweet, songpinganq acknowledged the mistake writing, “Sorry. My mistake. I found this video on WeChat and they said this is China’s collection room for sperm bank. Turns out that this video is from UK.”

Songpinganq has since shared different “proof” of “penis stimulation devices” located inside Chinese sperm banks. But The South Chinese Post wrote that these devices are actually just “an alternative for donors who don’t feel comfortable masturbating,” The Mary Sue reported.

Though Peterson deleted the tweet, other Twitter users took screenshots and mocked him for mistaking a sexual fantasy for real life. Even his own daughter, Mikhaila Fuller, replied in a now-deleted comment, “DAD you can’t retweet this on twitter. My eyes will never recover.”

While Peterson was once a respected academic in psychology, he has become an embarrassing parody of himself since launching his 2016 crusade against transgender inclusivity by refusing to refer to a student by their chosen gender pronouns.

He has repeatedly said that “political correctness” is a symptom of fascism meant to destroy free speech. In this vein, he has given talks against “identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege” and has said that feminism is a “murderous equity doctrine.” He has recently compared trans inclusivity to “satanic ritual abuse” and said he avoids trans and non-binary people because he simply must know a person’s gender in order to know how to treat them.

In June 2022, Peterson was banned from Twitter for aggressively deadnaming transgender actor Elliot Page — an action Peterson was widely mocked for. However, Peterson had his account restored in November 2022 after Twitter was purchased by problematic billionaire Elon Musk (who has a trans daughter who despises him and an ex who left him for a trans woman).

Those two deserve each other, just as much as we deserve to laugh at them for posting ignorant, scare-mongering nonsense.

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