Azealia Banks Ends One Of Her Many Twitter Feuds

The rapper, who made waves when started picking Twitter fights with everyone, is starting to show signs of maturing. It appears that her beef with Angel Haze has cooled (for now). During SXSW, Haze told Fuse magazine that she’s young and sometimes gets annoyed “at other girls who kinda throw a little shade here and there.”

haze(Image courtesy of YouTube)

When asked about the ongoing dispute with Banks, Haze said “it’s totally over. I don’t really care about it and I wish her the utmost success, and it shouldn’t have happened on such a public platform, so that’s all I regret.”

Banks ended the feud the way it started: on Twitter. “@angelhaze thanks for being nice in ur interview beotch. I know you don’t hate me,” she tweeted.

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  • Eric Auerbach

    Stacy, what’s with all the posts about this homophobe?

  • 2eo

    @Eric Auerbach: They use these posts to try and get into the good books with their respective PR companies, you’ll notice there are tons of Beyonce ones doing the rounds on here, same deal.

    Stacy is looking for an invite onto Bank’s tour, we had one last year who did the same with Rihanna, and got onto her tour, and made about a dozen of these awful posts.

    The mistake we make is that these people aren’t actual journalists and none of them are talented enough to report actual news with consistency and we, the users of the site treat it like these people are actual journalists.

  • Red Meat

    Azealia Banks is gay, and she is a rapper. She calls people the n word and the f word. If you have no respect for gay underground rap, then just just the fuck up.

    btw I love how she calls anyone that is fake, people who throw shade like its not just as rude as calling some stupid or the f word.

    I dont give a fuck, and if there is anything I like about Azealia since I don’t like underground rap, its her attitude.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Red Meat: Looks like someone needs to get schooled:

    A) Azealia Banks is bisexual, not gay.

    B) You can be queer and STILL be a homophobe. What kind of a dumbass doesn’t know that?

    C) Get out of here with your “underground” bullshit. You can’t get featured in Rolling Stone and get a Billboard Award, for fuck’s sake, and still be called “underground.”

    So in conclusion, kid: Until you get a clue, it’s YOU who should shut the fuck up.

  • hamoboy

    @2eo: “Stacy is looking for an invite onto Bank’s tour, we had one last year who did the same with Rihanna, and got onto her tour, and made about a dozen of these awful posts.”
    What tour? Banks hasn’t even finished a full album. The difference between Banks and Rihanna is that Rihanna’s actually sold records, she’s released 5 platinum albums, and arguably on her way to her goal of being the black Madonna. Banks is currently all sizzle and no steak, her twitter beefs get more attentions than her tracks, which is unfortunate. She has all the signs of someone we won’t hear about this time next year, because instead of shutting up and executing, she’s running her mouth and “faking it till she makes it”. She’s not gonna make it at this rate.
    @Red Meat: Azealia Banks is a bixexual WOMAN. “Faggot” is not a slur that is used against most female members of LGB, so she doesn’t have the right to use it. She could try to reclaim “bull-dyke” or something like that, and more power to her. But no, she insists on an expertise over a word that’s never been used against her section of the LGBT community. She’s just an idiot who thinks rhyming words is a shortcut to intelligence. It’s not.

  • Red Meat

    @Eric Auerbach: Was that a sad attempt to Auerbach my ass Eric? Because it was quite pathetic.

    She existed before that Rolling Stone feature, and since when is Rolling Stone magazine relevant to anything in music? When did they make anyone famous? What kind of stupidity? Is she mainstream now because she called Perez Prick Hilton the f word? Get a clue.

    Spare me the GLAAD lecture, you too hamoboy, your dildo is so far up your arse it might have entered your stomach and out of your mouth writing these petty comments about who can say what and why, take a seat you self-entitled idiots.

  • hamoboy

    @Red Meat: There’s an entitled idiot here, but it’s not Eric and it’s not me. “Underground” does not mean immune to criticism, and frankly I don’t give a shit whatever she or her neanderthal fans call her music, it’s barely functional as background music, and certainly doesn’t compare to anything Lauryn Hill or even Eve have put out. I don’t care where or how the fuck this sorry excuse for a rapper exists, I care that she’s appointed herself High Priestess of the word “faggot” with no credentials and no real thought beyond getting another headline.

  • Dionte

    Who is she?

  • Red Meat

    @hamoboy: Lauryn Hill? Eve? What kind of generic shit, go drwon yourself in the radio with that taste. Don’t bash music way above your basic hamoboy taste.

  • hamoboy

    @Red Meat: Lol. Trust.

  • 2eo

    Bless, it’s like when I was at school the others would argue about if Oasis or Blur were better while I was listening to Queen and ELO.

    How sad that at 8 I had better taste in music than adults do now. Banks?, Lauryn Hill?, Eve?. The connecting factor is that they are all shit, and neither of you can talk taste in any capacity.

  • hamoboy

    @2eo: Wow, you’re so right! As usual, you are a bastion of good taste and correctness. Go you.

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