Not today, Satan

Bianca Del Rio reads Ann Coulter for filth

This week, wraithlike, right-wing specter-skull Ann Coulter made the skies go black with her mind, upset over the fact that Delta Airlines allegedly took her seat away:

After Ann photographed the woman who allegedly took her seat and referred to her as a “dachshund-legged woman,” Delta lashed out at Coulter:

That’s when drag queen Bianca Del Rio decided to enter the fray, referring to Coulter as “a rotted cunt”:

LOVE YOU @delta AIRLINES….. @anncoulterofficial IS A ROTTED C??NT! ???? #miserablebitch #toobadyouarenotadiamondmember ??

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This didn’t make Coulter particularly pleased, so she decided to strike back at Del Rio, which didn’t exactly end well for her:

THIS BITCH……[email protected] [email protected] ???? #tryme #nottodaysatan

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And that, as they say, is that.