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Bottoms and tops alike are losing it over this new electric camper van called the “eBussy”

Question: How can you tell if a company doesn’t employ a single LGBTQ person on its senior staff?

Answer: When it releases a new electric camper van called the “eBussy.”

That’s exactly what happened at Electric Brands, a German-based car company that specializes in producing RVs, er, modular buses.

The “eBussy” is a revolutionary all-wheel drive camper van that comes in 10 different body forms and two chassis, “standard” and “off-road.” Starting at around $18,632, it is expected to hit the market sometime next year.

Business Insider is praising the German export for being “multi-use.” Green Car Reports compliments its “flexibility.” And Autocar describes it as “versatile.”

But that’s not what anyone else is talking about.

In case you’re not up on your gay lingo, according to Urban Dictionary, a “bussy” is a “slang term for a gay man’s butthole” or “a butt p*ssy.”

The fact that not a single person at Electric Brands knew this is both telling and hilarious.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about it…

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