Brands Say It Loud, Say It Proud On Social Media For National Coming Out Day


Today is National Coming Out Day, so come, out come out wherever you are! For many people this is huge moment in their lives. For brands who support the LGBT community this is the perfect day for them to let people like me who haven’t come out know that they’re here for them.

Oh, did you catch that? For National Coming Out Day, I’m coming out. Call it cliché, call it what you will, but I figure that maybe I can inspire others to come out as well. I’m bisexual and I’ve been out to my family since I was 18. My close friends know, but in order to live my fullest life as all of me, I don’t want to hide who I am from anyone anymore. The woman and man I want to be with will have to fully accept me for that, so here I am world.

Damien Basile is a fashion designer, pop culture enthusiast, social media microlebrity, and lover of college football. When he’s not sleeping he’s awake.

And here are the social media updates from brands in support of  National Coming Out Day!




When it comes to speaking out there’s no one louder than Lafayette, Bon Temps’ fiercest resident.


Being true to who they are, Visionaire goes back to a shoot by Mario Testino, but we wouldn’t have minded a little Bruce Weber hands-down-the-pants action.






Aww, matching Pride Macy’s bands! That nail polish, however…


A coked-up Hannah reacting to a coked-up Elijah — it doesn’t get more touching than that, kids.

Barefoot Wine

Like we need an excuse to drink. Forget the glass and pass the goddamn bottle.


This is an invitation to join the Mile High Club, right? If so, SOLD.

Barack Obama

The President uses a custom graphic that directs you to his LGBT page, but Barry’s always been supportive from the get.


The Oprah-ness herself is doing a special on her network on October 27 about being gay in Hollywood.


“True Blood”

True Blood plays big into Lafayette but what about Tara and Pam? Can a sister get some love too?

Bonus: Celebs who are clearly out are having fun with it

Ellen DeGeneres

Tegan And Sara

k.d. lang kd-lang


On a more personal and ridiculous note, my mom called me a hottie on National Coming Out Day. Oh mom! (btw, this was in reference to her asking me if I still worked out – I said everyday and she said ‘show me’. I haven’t seen her in a while.)

I’ll leave you with a quote from Oprah that sums up why you should be you fully:

“I know for anybody if in anyway you are pretending something that is not true for your life you will not be able to move forward because that untruth that uncertainty about standing in your truth blocks you from all you were meant to be.”

And yes k.d lang, I tried it. I liked it. 😉

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