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Brett Kavanaugh, who likes beer, tests positive for COVID-19 and Twitter is going nuts

Brett Kavanaugh has the unique distinction of being the first SCOTUS Justice who required an FBI tip line during his Senate confirmation process. He now also holds the unique distinction of being the first SCOTUS Justice to test positive for coronavirus.

Yesterday, the 56-year-old tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily, he is vaccinated and has no symptoms, and his immediate family members have all tested negative, so that’s good.

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The test was taken ahead of fellow Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s investiture ceremony, which is happening today. Unfortunately for Brett, his positive diagnosis means he’ll have to miss the party, which is probably very disappointing for him.

It’s definitely for the best, though, since the last time everyone gathered to celebrate Amy Coney Barrett nearly half the guests left with COVID, and we certainly don’t want a repeat of that.

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Kavanaugh’s diagnosis also means he might not be on the bench when the new SCOTUS term kicks off on Monday, which would be the first in-person session with all nine justices.

According to the CDC:

Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected. COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control; however, no vaccine is 100% effective at preventing illness. Some fully vaccinated people will get sick, and some will even be hospitalized or die from COVID-19. However, there is evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated and still get sick. The risk of infection, hospitalization, and death are all much lower in vaccinated people compared to unvaccinated.

Even though he hates us, we hope Kavanaugh remains asymptomatic and has a speedy recovery.

And now, some tweets…

Get well soon, Brett!

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