Shirtless Adam Rippon flexing.

Don’t doubt a homosexual and his knowledge of Britney Spears–especially if that homosexual is beloved Olympic medal-winner Adam Rippon.

Over the weekend, a Britney Spears stan account tweeted out a clip of Rippon from his appearance earlier this year on Celebrity Name That Tune. In it, he told the audience he could identify a Britney Spears song with just one note… and that’s exactly what happened.

Rippon recognized “Oops!…I Did It Again” faster than a gay can scream for her freedom.

Unfortunately, the Britney stan account didn’t recognize Rippon.

The tweet introducing the clip with the following teaser: “Homosexual wins 15 thousand dollars guessing Britney Spears song based on a single note.”

Um, excuse us! That homosexual is a household name, honey!

To state the obvious, it’s ridiculous that whoever runs “@britneycharts” doesn’t know Rippon, or didn’t bother to find out his name. Just Google “who was on Celebrity Name That Tune Season 3?” It’s not hard!

With that said, there is something iconic about being referred to simply as “homosexual.” Does that name make Adam Rippon King Homosexual?

We wouldn’t mind…

It’s apparent that Rippon views being labeled “homosexual” as an honor, too. He responded to his new monicker with grace.

The 33-year-old is known for many things, namely becoming the U.S.’ first out gay athlete to medal at the Winter Olympics, when he won bronze in the figure skating team event at Seoul 2018. Since then, he’s become an unabashedly gay American icon–even working the Red Carpet in a harness.

Rippon’s response to the haters was: “I felt cool AF.”

Admirably, Rippon also uses his platform to speak out against bigotry and support LGBTQ+ rights. He caused a stir prior to the 2018 Games, when he said he said he wouldn’t meet then-Vice President Mike Pence under any circumstances. Pence is an ardent opponent of LGBTQ+ rights.

Since then, Rippon has blasted the International Olympic Committee for selecting Beijing as a host city and called the 2022 Games a “complete joke” due to the controversy surrounding Russian female skater Kamila Valieva, who was allowed to remain in competition despite a failed drug test.

On the (much) lighter side, he’s been giving fans room-by-room tours of his home for months, and unfiltered peeks into his personal life. During a recent Instagram video, he even demonstrated how he folds his underwear (we’re offering to help)!

Rippon is an Olympic champion, celebrity, advocate, heartthrob and influencer. But maybe most importantly, he’s a huge Britney stan.

And the feeling is mutual.

During the 2018 Olympics, the pop legend tweeted that she couldn’t wait to watch him perform.

A couple months later at the GLAAD Awards, Rippon paid tribute to one of the all-time pop divas.

Backstage, Spears met up with her favorite Olympians: Rippon and snowboarder Gus Kenworthy.

A certified member of Britney’s Army, Rippon campaigned for her freedom during her much-publicized fight to terminate her conservatorship.

“I really want the conservatorship to end. Free Britney,” he said in August 2020. (Rippon and millions of Britney fans got their wish when her court-ordered conservatorship was nullified in November 2021.)

Stanning Britney is practically a commandment for homosexuals of a certain age, and Rippon is proud to lead the way.

After all, he’s our King.

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