Bryan Fischer Can’t Stop Fantasizing About Sodomy And Guy Benson

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 11.16.34 AMAt least one person isn’t pleased about Guy Benson, the Fox News contributor and political editor of the right-wing news site Townhall.com who came out of his log cabin closet last week.

In a new op-ed published on AFA’s blog, Bryan Fischer is calling for Benson to be fired from his jobs and blacklisted from the conservative moment for being a “practicing homosexual” and “an oxymoron.”

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Fischer is upset because Benson supports same-sex marriage.

“He seems dedicated to do his part to … turn the GOP into a sodomy-promoting political machine,” Fischer writes.

And for this, he must be disposed of.

“Benson must be replaced,” Fischer continues. “His values on homosexuality are not Christian, family-themed, or conservative.”

Fischer admits that Benson “seems like a particularly nice and friendly individual,” but people shouldn’t be fooled. The 30-year-old political pundit practices “non-normative sexual expression” and, therefore, is not to be trusted.

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True conservative values, Fischer believes, “do not include celebrating, endorsing and promoting unnatural sexual expression.”

Fischer believes Benson and people like him ought to find a new label for themselves, something other than “conservative.”

“Some such individuals call themselves ‘homocons’,” he suggests. “Perhaps ‘gayservatives’ or ‘gaytarians’ or some other such concoction will suffice. Just don’t call them ‘conservatives,’ for that most certainly is not what they are.”

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