Members of the Spanish Legion - Legion Espanola
Members of the Spanish Legion (Photo: Shutterstock)

You may remember that a couple of years ago a unit of Spanish soldiers went viral when images appeared of them on Instagram and Twitter.

Well, it happened again after new videos appeared on TikTok.

The soldiers in question are the Spanish Legion (Legión Española, La Legión). They stand out for their distinctive, figure-hugging green uniforms and “chapiri” caps with red tassels.

Unlike many other units, members are allowed to have beards and can leave their shirts open at the chest, which we certainly appreciate.

A TikTok user caught them parading in the Spanish seaside town of Marbella.

The video has received over 90k times and prompted 25k comments and counting.

“OMG the actual fashion police,” quipped one commentator.

“The Royal Army of Chromatica,” said another, echoing the views of many that it all seems a little… well, camp.

It wasn’t the only video of the unit to go viral. Here’s another one posted last week.

“They are about to slay their enemies,” was one well-liked comment.

Here they are again (below).

We’re not 100% sure, but given the timing, we suspect a couple of the videos above show the Legion’s military band, which often partakes in Holy Week processions around Easter time.

The Spanish Legion was formed in the 1920s. Similar to the French Foreign Legion, it initially accepted some recruits from overseas.

In the 1930s, fascist dictator General Francisco Franco was one of the leaders of the legion and the unit’s second-in-command.

In more recent years, the Spanish Legion has taken on peacekeeping roles for NATO. During the pandemic, authorities employed the Legion to monitor lockdowns in the country. It now accepts men and women into its ranks and has resumed accepting some Spanish speakers from abroad.

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