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Remember 2014’s inescapable Ice Bucket Challenge for ASL research? Now, celebrities are clamoring to participate in yet another viral campaign for an equally good cause.

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Launched by #22Kill, The 22 Push-Up Challenge hopes to raise awareness about the myriad mental health issues that trouble America’s soldiers. As People reports, participants are asked to perform 22 pushups to emphasize the number of veterans who commit suicide each day.

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Here are some highlights from the campaign so far:

Chris Pratt and wife Anna Faris dropped and performed 22 pushups allegedly. The film cuts off after 5. Shady, but let’s take their word for it.


It didn’t feel right for Scott Eastwood to perform his 22 pushups in a clingy tank-top, so he brashly hurdled it into the cosmos before getting down to business. How irretrievably badass of him.

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John Kraskinki performs his dutiful 22 pushups alongside an alarmingly adorable dog Finn, who looks alternately mournful, confused, jubilant, bored shitless, jubilant again, inquisitive, irritated, over it, inexplicably pissed.

Then Chris Evans performs the task — “I’m just gonna bang these out real quick” — with his own dog doing everything in his power to sabotage his master. Heartless creature.

Then The Rock performs his 22, but is similarly interrupted by his dog, who is inexplicably wandering around the gym and licks his face the whole time. Three makes a trend, so dogs are officially a thing now.

At The Rock’s behest, Justin James follows suit, performing all 22 pushups, none of which are interrupted by enterprising canines. Dogs are over.

Then it’s Kevin Hart’s turn, offering us hints about what’s trending in 2016. Dogs are over; grey sweatpants and underwear with silver waistband are white-hot and very, very in.

Not to be outdone, Ludacris interrupts his own concert to perform 22 pushups to the screechy delight of his minions.

No word yet on whether Anna Wintour will be participating. So, in the meantime, let’s just watch this again:

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