Christian Radio Host Says Trump Taunted Mitt Romney with Oral Sex

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How much filthier can this presidential race get? Last night’s debate opened with Donald Trump making bold claims about his penis, and today a conservative Florida (of course, Florida) radio host says that Trump has suggested that Romney offered oral sex in exchange for an endorsement.

Okay, what?

This is a complicated, twisty story, and it’s hard to know what parts — if any — are true. Here’s what we know: on Thursday, Trump tore into Mitt Romney, calling him a failed candidate (which he certainly is). As part of Trump’s anti-Romney speech, he told a crowd that back in 2012, Romney begged him for an endorsement.

“He was begging for my endorsement,” Trump told them. “I could have said, ‘Mitt, drop to your knees.’ He would have dropped to his knees.”

And that’s the extent of what Trump had to say on the subject of oral sex, at least during that particular speech. “Drop to your knees” could just mean that Trump wanted Romney to beg, or it could mean that Trump wanted to attempt to stuff his alleged micropenis into Romney’s mouth, along with a few of his toe-like short fingers. We don’t know what Trump had in mind. Maybe Trump himself doesn’t even know.

For that matter, we don’t know if Romney even wanted Trump’s endorsement. Why would he? Trump could be fabricating the entire story, which wouldn’t be out of keeping for him. The again, we know that both Donald Trump and Mitt Romney oppose marriage equality, so maybe the two of them would have made a cute couple.

Anyway, this conservative radio host, Jeff McKay, heard “drop to your knees” and immediately his mind went to blow jobs. (He’s the one in the video who looks like an 11-year old bassoon player.) And that, he decided, was a fairly unbecoming subject for Trump to be talking about. So he went on MSNBC and said, “We live in an area that styles itself as being very Christian, lots of churches, evangelical voters, Baptists, Catholics, this whole area is dominated by religion. And I think they have to all ask themselves the question, do they want someone who gets up there and says that a former presidential candidate for their party got down on his knees and offered to blow him?”

Oh, whoops, Trump never actually said that. He just insinuated it to people who wanted to hear it. Evidently Jeff McKay is one of those people.

“Sometimes you say things in the moment that you wish you had said differently,” McKay later said. “As a father I regret not using words that were more family-friendly.”

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