Clay Aiken Wins The Democratic Nomination To Run For Congress in NC

clay-aiken-congressA day after his opponent died unexpectedly from a fall, Clay Aiken has emerged as the Democratic nominee for a Congressional seat in North Carolina. The state Board of Elections said that Aiken held enough lead over the late Keith Crisco to avoid a runoff. Aiken and Crisco were both seeking the Democratic nomination, but the results of last week’s election were too close to call.

In the end, Aiken ran ahead of Crisco by 450 votes. While the final count has yet to be certified, that’s just a formality. The former American Idol runner-up is the party’s choice to challenge Republican Renee Ellmers. Aiken has an actual shot at winning the seat, but it won’t be easy. The district went for Mitt Romney with 58% of the vote in 2012.

Aiken wasn’t available to take a victory lap, having suspended his campaign out of respect to Crisco. He did get some words of support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “We are confident that Clay Aiken will run an aggressive campaign to hold Congresswoman Ellmers accountable for losing touch with the people of North Carolina,” said David Bergstein, a Committee spokesman.

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  • Kangol

    Since his opponent fell dead, literally, it appears he slid right in.

    Next up, his Republican opponent. Go Clay!

  • jonjct

    Just what we need, a clueless Democrat running things. Shall we let these people run the country into the ground just like they did in Detroit? What does it matter if he’s gay, that means nothing, he’s a dangerous, unqualified candidate and you see how that worked out with the guy in DC. The voters in America are ignoramuses.

  • Ben Dover

    @jonjct: Right, we need more “fiscally responsible” Republicans in office to start wars that pay for themselves, and to ruin the economy again, and to worry endlessly about fetuses and f*ggots.

  • Cam


    Let’s see, the GOP got the Presidency and Congress with a Surplus, and within a year sent the country back into a deficit Bush ended his presidency with our economy completely collapsed to the point where McCain had to suspend his campaign for President and rush back to try to do something. Then they pushed through the TARP bailout that paid off every CEO that tanked our economy with no strings attached.

    Oh and lets see, under a Dem unemployment is now down to almost 6%, we’ve had two quarters of running a surplus…

    Oh, and lastly, the states in the best financial shape currently in the country are all democratic leaning states.

    But you know, nice try.

  • lykeitiz

    I guess Ruben Studdard living is what lost him that one.


    @jonjct: Because we all know there are absolutley no clueless Repugnaticans in DC at the present time….

    Ya need to run down to the clue store and buy a whole bunch, cause its obvious you don’t possess a single one…….The solution to the problem with our government is we need to oust the career old boy network of politicans beholden to corporations. I saw an interview with Clay and he has a good grasp of the issues and actually has some good ideas to put forth……….

  • Alan down in Florida

    Good luck to Clay – we need more Democrats in the House Of Representatives.

  • sangsue


    Don’t you have any backs you need to stab?

  • NomNomNom

    @Kangol: Said:”Since his opponent fell dead, literally”

    The man died a week after the election. Clay won fair and square.

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