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Dad catches son putting on makeup and what happens next is beautiful

Anyone whose youth involved trying on Mom’s high heels and rifling around her makeup drawer knows it can end poorly if Dad comes home from work early and finds you looking like a 12-year-old Dolly Parton. But the times they are a-changin’ — and the kids are getting much better with the application process.

And while plenty of youth still struggle with their parents’ rigid understanding of gender roles and sexuality, a recent viral TikTok video shows one example of how far we’ve come.

In the clip, a boy is filming himself applying makeup, hears his father approaching, and shuts the lights to avoid being seen.

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His dad turns on the lights, sees his son and asks, “Is this what you want to do, Papa?” (The kid’s nickname is Papa to make things mildly confusing.)

“Because if this is what you want to do”, he continues, “you’ll be okay. I’ll be okay with you.”

“I love you, Papa. I love you. If that makes you happy, do it. Do it, but do it good. OK, Papa. I’m always with you. I won’t let you down in anything. Be happy.”

It’s a touching moment, and we love that Dad even managed to work in a slight read by telling his son to “do it good” if he’s going to do it.

Shantay you stay, Dad! Watch: