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Sex columnist Dan Savage has countered the notion that all gay men are automatically turned out by flirtation with a straight man. In fact, in his new column, Savage suggests the opposite.

“Cis, married, straight man here,” a reader, identified as “Lusting After Dan” writes. “You’re my gay crush. Given the chance, how would you seduce me? I’ve never had man-sex before, because I really like p*ssy and the way women feel, but I think I could do it for you. You’ve always been my celeb ‘man-pass.’ How can we get this started?”

“I’m just a straight guy writing to a gay guy, asking him to f*ck him,” the reader concludes.

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Savage, seldom one to suffer fools, blasts the idea.

“Straight guys who make passes at gay men assume,” Savage writes, “we’re all going think, ‘OMG, this is my one chance to sleep with a real man!’ In reality, LAD, what most gay men are thinking when a straight guy hits on us is, ‘Jesus Christ, this dude is gonna sh*t all over my d*ck.'”

“Now, that thought doesn’t stop some gay men from sleeping with straight-identified guys who are bi or gay and closeted, LAD, nor does it stop some gay men from sleeping with the rare straight-but-situationally-heteroflexible guy with a very specific crush on one of us,” Savage concedes. “But it’s always annoying when a straight guy assumes his straightness is an aphrodisiac that drives gay men wild and asks questions like, ‘Given the chance, how would you seduce me?’ That framing assumes I would try, or would want to try, if I had the chance.”

“So,” Savage concludes, “you could say, I’m just a gay guy responding to a straight guy, asking him to get over himself.”

Memo to the flirty straight men of the world: we agree.

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