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David Archuleta to homophobic fans who stormed out of his show: “I will not apologize for anything”

David Archuleta in Utah
David Archuleta in Utah (Photo: David Archuleta/Facbook)

It seems some of David Archuleta’s fans don’t want him talking about his sexuality at concerts. They just want him to sing.

Archuleta shot to fame on American Idol. Raised a devout Mormon, we now know that he struggled for years to embrace his sexuality. He came out in the summer of 2021 and now says he’s most comfortable using the label “queer.”

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Archuleta’s currently taking his ‘The More The Merrier’ Christmas tour across venues in his home state of Utah.

On Tuesday, he played in the city of Delta, Utah. At the end of the show, he talked briefly to the audience about his journey. Someone posted a video to YouTube.

Yesterday, Archuleta revealed that someone connected with the tour (it’s unclear if it was someone connected with the venue, the booking agents or promoters) emailed his manager to complain. They said people had walked out during the part when Archuleta was talking.

Archuleta posted an image of the message to his Instagram.


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“I thought the concert was incredible and David took the crowd on a magical Christmas journey,” it began, promisingly. “With each song the excitement built, those attending loved it and appreciated the great talent and voice that David has. I could not of [sic] asked for more up to that point. People were having a Christmas experience that was phenomenal. To go from that high to people walking out of the concert when David used what people thought was a Christmas concert to talk about his journey to being queer.”

“…they got an incredible experience but they did not pay for David to take 15 minute [sic] and ruin that Christmas experience they just had. I do not believe that, that concert was a setting for that to happen. We have some very upset patrons that I will [sic] dealing with today. I would hope in the remaining concerts, that would not be allowed and just allow them to have an awesome Christmas experience.”

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David Archuleta responds to complaint

Archuleta also posted the images to his Facebook with a lengthy response.

“My manager received an email that I feel is important to address,” Archuleta said. “This tour hasn’t been the easiest for me to do. A way for me to find peace with it is by being open about my journey. I am sharing something that I’ve felt I had to keep hidden nearly all my life. Because you believe your existence is unacceptable. That mindset is not healthy. So I am choosing to not hide that anymore.

“If I offend others for simply saying it’s ok to be who you are and like someone even if it’s the same sex, and people walk out of a show because they are uncomfortable that I am sharing my story of self acceptance. The person singing those songs on stage was no different from the person at the end of the show.

“I am learning to love myself and encourage others to do the same,” he continued. “Two years ago I was thinking ending my life was better than admitting this openly. If you are more offended that I say I like guys than you are that someone has felt it was better to end their life for that very same reason. I want you to think about why that makes you uncomfortable. I want to have uncomfortable conversations. That’s how you gain understanding.”

He added, “I didn’t say anything explicit or inappropriate. If a few dozen people walk out, but there are others staying who need to know they’re not alone in this journey. It’s worth it to me. I felt I was alone … [that I] didn’t deserve anything good because I was queer. I hope you can see why I open up about it. It’s healing. And helps me not be ashamed of who I am like I was for many years,” he said.

“I will not apologize for anything”

“Thank you to the other hundreds who stayed last night to listen. I know it’s not a topic usually talked about and it may be uncomfortable for some. Even if it’s a journey that you may not fully understand, it means the world to me that you still were willing to listen.

“No, I don’t think sharing my journey ruins any Christmas spirit unless you allow your own misconceptions to ruin it yourself. Thank you Delta. And to anyone else who still follows me through my journey. I am so grateful for you. I hope you continue to support others who are going through the same things I’ve recently gone through and overcome thanks to the many people like you who are compassionate and supportive.

“To repeat what my manager said in response to this email, I will not apologize for anything I say however imperfectly I express it. I am me. And I will never apologize for it again how I did for so many years before. And I hope you can unapologetically and lovingly be you too. Wherever you may be on your journey.”

Speaking out for others who are struggling

Archuleta was approached by a video reporter for TMZ when arriving at LA airport yesterday. He was asked about people walking out of his shows in some of the towns he’s played.

Archuleta said that “a few dozen” had walked out of a small-town show in Utah. He again said that he wasn’t going to apologize because, “I didn’t say anything disrespectful. I didn’t say anything inappropriate.”

He said he know it was an “awkward” and “touchy” subject for some people, but he had to speak out “for everyone else going through the same thing, who don’t have the same platform I do, who don’t have people listening to what they’re saying the way I do.”

Watch David’s interview with Queerty below.

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