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Dedicated Dad Bikes 545 Miles For Gay Son Who Died Before He Could

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.47.10 PMJoshua Flannigan intended to complete this year’s AIDS Lifecycle bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but his own AIDS diagnosis came too late and hit too hard.

Josh’s parents, both from a small town in Texas, mourned the loss of their son, and out of that grief they decided to pick up where Josh left off and join the ride.

His dad David chose to hop on a bike and push through the ambitious 545 mile ride along the California coast. David’s wife Talana supported her husband as a volunteer, helping out with bike parking.

Together they found a way to honor Josh while experiencing the life-affirming camaraderie that comes along with the Lifecycle.

Watch below as Davey Wavey documents their story: