Carrie Bradshaw says trans rights… with her outfit, of course!

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted strolling around Manhattan with a big hat and camera in tow–a surefire sign she was filming a scene for And Just Like That… While Carrie wearing divisive accessories is nothing new, her dress caught the observant eyes of gay Sex and the City aficionados.

Can you spot the theme? Outfitted in white, light pink and light blue, Carrie appears to be rocking the Transgender Pride flag. 🏳️‍⚧️

Designed by trans Navy veteran Monica Helms in 1999, the flag depicts both masculinity (light blue) and femininity (light pink), while white represents gender nonconformity.

“The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional masculine color. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional feminine color,” she said in an interview. “The stripe in the middle is white, for those who are transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender.”

Well done! Is this Carrie’s most iconic look since her little black dress?

It’s symbolic for a revived version of Carrie Bradshaw to be wearing the Trans Pride colors, given SATC‘s mixed track record when it comes to tackling LGBTQ+ issues.

Let’s start with the flag itself.

Helms got the idea to create the flag after her friend, Michael Page, designed the Bisexual flag. Infamously, Carrie once dismissed bisexuality, labeling it as a “layover on the way to gay town.”

Despite being a sex columnist, Carrie carries a prudish view on intimacy, one of her many annoyances charms! Wearing the Trans Pride colors could be viewed as a sign of her evolution… and a ploy to woo skeptical Gen Zers. Carrie’s not toxic, see? Look at her dress!

One truly bad moment for SATC came in Season 3, when Samantha feuded with Black transgender sex workers, and called them derogatory slurs. Though the episode ended with the two factions partying together, the dialogue doesn’t age well. At all.

When AJLT debuted, it was apparent the show’s creators set out to correct some previous wrongs and be more open and inclusive. An array of diverse characters were added, albeit to mixed results. Perhaps no addition was more polarizing than Che Diaz, Miranda’s intoxicating love interest, played by non-binary actor Sara Ramirez.

With Rosie O’Donnell now part of the cast (which we cannot wait for!!) there also promises to be an empowering queer presence on Season 3 of AJLT. It will be interesting to see how Rosie’s character, Mary, identifies.

AJLT is evolving. The proof is in the dress! …Maybe?

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