Dominic Cooper On That Time He Literally Put His Dick On The Table

Dominic Cooper, Empire UK, October 1, 2010To provide further proof that he’s one of the hottest, most underrated actors in Hollywood, Mamma Mia beefcake Dominic Cooper told Graham Norton a story about his penis resting on a cafe table this week.

Unfortunately, we’ve only ever seen Cooper’s ass on film. That’s because he’s apparently saving the rest for the lunch crowd:

I was working in a cafe wearing really tight jeans. I had two cappuccinos in one hand and pastries in the other, and as I approached the table it fell out of my jeans and rested neatly on the table. There was nothing I could do. The customers were repulsed and I just backed off.

Repulsed? People in New York would pay for that!

Things got even kinkier when Cooper switched topics from voyeurism to his work as a teenage drag queen. Before he was legally able to drink, the straight actor confessed he used to wear dresses to get into bars:

I was young and I wanted to get into some dingy pub. I was half the size of any of my friends and looked like a female troll. They weren’t letting any boys in, so I put on a dress and tights and got into the club – it was a better option than hanging out at the bus stop!

God bless Europe.