Dominic Cooper On That Time He Literally Put His Dick On The Table

Dominic Cooper, Empire UK, October 1, 2010To provide further proof that he’s one of the hottest, most underrated actors in Hollywood, Mamma Mia beefcake Dominic Cooper told Graham Norton a story about his penis resting on a cafe table this week.

Unfortunately, we’ve only ever seen Cooper’s ass on film. That’s because he’s apparently saving the rest for the lunch crowd:

I was working in a cafe wearing really tight jeans. I had two cappuccinos in one hand and pastries in the other, and as I approached the table it fell out of my jeans and rested neatly on the table. There was nothing I could do. The customers were repulsed and I just backed off.

Repulsed? People in New York would pay for that!

Things got even kinkier when Cooper switched topics from voyeurism to his work as a teenage drag queen. Before he was legally able to drink, the straight actor confessed he used to wear dresses to get into bars:

I was young and I wanted to get into some dingy pub. I was half the size of any of my friends and looked like a female troll. They weren’t letting any boys in, so I put on a dress and tights and got into the club – it was a better option than hanging out at the bus stop!

God bless Europe.


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  • Respect4all

    I like the drag story, but how does your dick “fall out of” your jeans. Those are either some very unusual jeans or he has a strange anatomy. He looks pretty normal in the photo and the bulge doesn’t look exceptionally large.

  • hyhybt

    Or a zipper left open with no underwear. But that wouldn’t really be accidental.

  • B Damion

    All I know is his show on BBC America got cancelled. So…….

  • mcflyer54

    I saw him on Broadway in “The History Boys”. I had what I thought was a terrible front row seat. Terrible until the scene when Dominic removes his trousers … I couldn’t have been 5 feet from this very hot young man in tighty whities. That scene made a very lasting impression on me.

  • Mezaien

    With a body like his he most be GAY??

  • yaoming

    Totally implausible… about the penis falling out part. Gay? Who knows?

  • MarionPaige

    in the movie The Devil’s Double, Cooper plays the guy picked to double as one of Saddam Hussein’s sons. Cooper plays both the son and the double. My favorite line in the movie is when the two are in the shower. The son looks down at the double’s dick, which is bigger, and The Son says: “My dick is very famous in this country. We’re gonna have to shorten your dick”.

  • SteveDenver

    I see others have also tried to figure out how tight jeans might cause one’s penis to fall out and rest on the table. Perhaps super short cut-offs, the kind with just a thong of seam fabric bridging the crotch?

  • jar

    @SteveDenver: They don’t really wear shorts in the UK. And it rarely gets warm enough to require them. Both of these stories sound made up to me, although the Brits do love to dress in drag, as well as engage in what the French call, le vice anglais.

  • sfbeast

    @MarionPaige: I remember that line as well. Then he laughs and says just kidding, or something. He was very good in that.

  • Niall

    The dick falling out story sounds weird, but I guess if your jeans were soo tight that you couldn’t properly button them up and they had button holes instead of a zipper, it could happen?

  • Respect4all

    @mcflyer54: Did his dick “fall out” of his tighty whities?

  • balehead

    He’s hawt…It has happened before…

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