Drag Queen Gif Gallery: Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, Kim Jong Un, Hitler & Putin

Kim Jong Un Barack Obama Drag Queen Featured Image

Ever wonder what President Barack Obama would look like as a drag queen? How about the young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? Well, today’s you’re lucky day! We found this fierce collection of drag queen gifs on Tumblr of some of history’s most recognizable faces, of past and present, including George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong Un, Hitler and Vladimir Putin!

Who do you think makes the fishiest drag queen?

George W. Bush

George W Bush Drag Queen Gif

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Drag Queen Gif

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden Drag Queen Gif

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Drag Queen Gif


Hitler Drag Queen Gif

Vladimir Putin

Vladimi Putin Drag Queen Gif