Sharks, gay drama, camp classics, and a Hollywood icon, oh my! This week is just bursting with home entertainment goodness, from the suspenseful Blake-Lively-versus-shark thriller The Shallows to LGBT indies People You May Know (above) and German import You And I to a documentary on a gay Hollywood heartthrob, Tab Hunter Confidential.

Let’s have the trailers and details, yes?


The Shallows

($34.99 Blu-ray, $26.99 DVD; Sony)

It’s been ages since we had a truly gripping horror-thriller about a shark – Deep Blue Sea was fun, wasn’t it? – and here we get one starring Blake Lively as a surfer who chose the wrong beach at the wrong time. Soon enough, she’s stuck out in the water with a very hungry shark and only a seagull as someone to turn to… Although it would have been nice if the shark was done entirely with practical effects instead of CGI, this is a truly fun watch, and that seagull, aka Sully, is awesome! Extras include deleted scenes and featurettes.


You And I

($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

This Germany-set drama sees an attractive pair of friends – heterosexual photographer Jonas and gay best pal Philip – take a road trip during which their clothes seem to come off quite a bit and a shaggy-haired, sexually ambiguous hitchhiker, Boris, adds more than a little tension to the mix. Extras include an interview with the director, Nils Bokamp.


People You May Know

($21.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Spanish director J.C. Falcon brings us this largely English-language LGBT drama about a quartet of friend in Los Angeles and their foibles in love and relationships, including some online catfishing and accidental pregnancies. Drama seems to know no language barriers! Extras include deleted scenes and world premiere footage.
Tab Hunter Confidential

($19.99 Blu-ray, $13.99 DVD; FilmRise)

Tab Hunter was a 1950s Hollywood heartthrob, a hunky All-American boy… except very much closeted and gay. The ups and downs of his career and trajectory from that bygone era to a more campy onscreen reinvention in films like John Waters’ Polyester, and of course eventual coming out and happy present are recounted in this fast-moving, entertaining documentary from director Jeffrey Schwarz (I Am Divine, Vito). Know your LGBT history, kids!



836_bd_box_348x490_originalBeyond The Valley Of The Dolls


Flesh Mannequins: Totally Uncut




Hunt For The Wilderpeople


The Neon Demon


Central Intelligence




Edge Of Winter


Grimm: Season Five




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