If you’re gay and looking to chat about it, head on over to EllenEllen Degeneres‘ eponymous chat fest seems to be the go-to show for gay actors looking to get something off their queer chests. Grey’s Anatomy‘s TR Knight uses the lesbian comedienne’s stage to address that Isaiah Washington stink and now out actor Nathan Lane‘s spilling the bent beans.

Our homo homeboys over at AfterElton inform us that Broadway and silver screen actor popped on over yesterday to yak about his coming out.

I was very young – I was living in New Jersey with my mother, but I was seeing someone in New York, and she thought it was a woman. And I finally broke it to her – I was around 21 and I finally sat her down, she was this little Irish Catholic lady from Jersey City – and so I said, “I know you think I’m seeing a girl, but I’ve been seeing a guy.” And she said – the blood just drained from her face – and she said, “So you’re a homosexual?” And I said, “Yeah, i guess so. Yeah, i guess so.” And she said, “Oh, i would rather you were dead”. [The audience gasps, Lane laughs] See, I always laugh, because I knew her better than they did (gestures to audience). Because you know, it was the worst, you know – so I said “I knew you’d understand,” and once I got her head out of the oven she was fine.

Oh Nathan, you’re such a cut-up.

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