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Exclusive: Experience Blake Skjellerup’s Beautiful Island Wedding With The Couple’s Personal Photos

Ah, to be young, gay and in love…and married. (Thanks again, Supreme Court!) One of our very favorite athletes, Olympic skater Blake Skjellerup tied the knot with designer Saul Carrasco July 4 in Hawaii and we have the exclusive photos to prove it. Skjellerup chatted with Queerty just before his nuptials, to tell us about the very millennial way the two men met (through Instagram!), how they decided on Hawaii as the perfect central location (those jetsetters!) and whether they plan to have children (they do!).

Join us in wishing the newlyweds a long union and every imaginable happiness.

Scroll down to see a selection of personally-chosen photographs from the Carrasco-Skjellerup wedding along with some of their own memories of the day.

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Blake: “Handmade Hula-Girl bracelets, crafted personally by Saul as part of his new jewelry line, attached to the place settings, and a great memento for the guests.”

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Blake: “Our delicious wedding cake, crafted by CakeWorks in Honolulu. We wanted our initials to symbolize our marriage, and we had to compromise on the flavor. Top tier is vanilla and lilikoi, bottom tier is coconut and vanilla. The buttercream frosting just held it together in the Hawaiian heat.”

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Blake: “We both ended up with cake up our noses. Probably the funniest moment of the day, very spontaneous, there was cake everywhere.”

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Blake: “Thank goodness my Dad came prepared with a handkerchief! It was quite damp at the end of the ceremony. I cried a lot, happy tears, of course.”

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Saul: “At this point Blake is reading his vows, which were funny, moving and everything I would have expected from Blake. We both cried, laughed and had moments of serious throughout our personally crafted vows.”

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Saul: “A more serious point in Blake’s vows to me.”

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Blake: “Very happy to share our first kiss as Husbands! Our best friends were our best people and our co-officiants. It was so special to have them preside over our marriage. Something we will always have together.”

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Blake: “Married! We had not had a moment to ourselves all day, and we walked up the aisle to share a moment alone, and to, of course, pop the champagne!”

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Blake: “I can’t explain this, besides just goofing around with my new husband.”

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Saul: “We both remember this moment so well. Just us together, alone, debriefing and thinking about the food we are about to eat.”

Photo credit: Michelle Morgan-Orrantia of Mimoco Photography

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  • bottom250

    So beautiful and they look so handsome. Here come the tears I become such an emotional Queen when I see weddings.

  • ProfessorMoriarty

    Mazel tov!

  • Ladbrook

    Handsome couple, beautiful wedding, many good wishes. Now… who are they? Ah yes, the Google thing… research, research.

  • Doug Whitcombe

    Congrats on a great feature Blake Joseph Carrasco-Skjellerup

  • bottom250

    @Bob Craig: Why is it sick, sweetie?

  • bottom250

    @Glücklich: Honey I can’t help it. Weddings are so beautiful and get me every time and the water works start flowing. I am an emotional Queen.

  • Bauhaus


    Honey, next time I visit my mother, I’ll nab some of her [email protected] for you. If I jack the vintage paper fan and monogrammed embroidered handkerchief she keeps in her purse (sudden vapors) for you, the jig will be up, though. I agree, they do look handsome!

  • Glücklich

    Shoulda been at my wedding then. Nothing to cry about there. In and out of City Hall in under thirty minutes. I would have gone back to the office but didn’t want to appear indelicate. Efficiency, baby.

  • bottom250

    @Glücklich: Ohh sweetheart I would have cried at the journey you just started on. I would have been so happy for you

  • Glücklich

    OK, that’s cute. Cry away. You know I’m just givin’ you a hard time.

    We both left the whole thing more shocked than anything else, like “Did we just do that?”

  • bottom250

    @Glücklich: Hugs sweetie, I am so happy for you.

  • sportyguy1983

    Congrats to them, but I don’t get this obsession so many people have with having the world see every aspect of their lives, including the most intimate part that should be shared with family and close friends.

  • ParisNat

    Who are these people?
    Does anyone care?
    I certainly don’t!

  • ParisNat

    “You can tell a gentleman by his socks”.
    These two appear not to be wearing socks.

  • benwa

    @ParisNat: Thank you! I was so grossed out by the no socks!

  • ParisNat

    Well, I mean, you either have CLASS or you don’t!

  • jwtraveler

    I’m not even interested in seeing wedding photos of people I know.

  • jwtraveler

    @sportyguy1983: We’re living in the exhibition generation. If you do it, EVERYBODY has to see it.

  • Francesca Wilson

    You guys look amazing! Looks like a super special day!

  • mz.sam

    Adorable couple…love, love, love the matching ties! CONGRATS, Guys!!!

  • Mr-DJ

    .If you don’t know who they are, and don’t care, then don’t look, and DON’T COMMENT!

  • Jamie Smith

    Congratulations! Proud of you both .Thankyou for sharing your special day

  • Gary_Gans

    @Glücklich: Congratulations! I wish you both a happy, healthy, and long life together. Sometimes it’s okay to get married without all of that expensive celebration. As long as you love each other and are committed to each other that’s all you need. I see nothing wrong with what you chose. How long have you been together? Where do you live?

    Your take on it made me laugh. I do hope that you are able to take a honeymoon holiday and perhaps a nice party with those you love. It doesn’t need to break the bank. A nice BBQ could be nice.

  • Blackceo

    They make such a handsome couple. Congrats.

  • ParisNat

    Who are you to give lessons to anyone, I ask.
    Either put up or shut up.

  • ParisNat

    Oh God, matching ties – how twee can you get?
    And matching little pocket handkerchiefs as well.
    The summum of good taste and elegance – NOT!

  • Glücklich

    I have a dissenting opinion on their apparel but congratulations on the appropriate use of “twee”. I haven’t heard/read that in ages. I raise a cordial of Fernet in your honor, sir!

  • Texas Guy

    OMfG, love it when 2 guys marry! This couple is adorable and that sweet kiss in the final pic made me smile!

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