Facebook Targeting Drag Queens, Forcing Them To Use Their Legal Names

10632621_10152700564949761_6111486288081675482_nIn a frankly creepy overreach of authority, Facebook is going after sisters and drag queens, requiring that they use their “real names” or else risk getting booted from the site. In some cases they’ve requested users send in a copy of their drivers license to prove a name is legit.

The issue was brought to our attention by San Francisco drag personality Sister Roma, who has been forced to change her personal profile to Michael Williams — a name few even know.

Here’s a newsflash for you, FB: There are a million reasons why someone would choose to self-identify with a name other than the one that’s printed on their birth certificate. And really, it’s absolutely none of your business in the first place.

Which is perfectly summed up by some of the responses Sister Roma has received to her post:

We know Facebook just rolled out gender-neutral family options, so clearly they’re trying to appear sensitive to nonconforming identities. So what’s with the name police?