Five Hospitalized After Drinking Poppers. That’s Right, Drinking Poppers.

poppersCall us old fashioned, but we wouldn’t expect poppers to be a popular commodity at a music festival.

But that seems to be what the kids are doing these days — at the recent Parklife festival in Manchester, U.K., not only were 400 bottles seized by police, but five poor unfortunate souls somehow thought they were supposed to drink the bottle like a shot.

As is to be expected, they aren’t feeling so hot now.

While other attendees were enjoying Disclosure and Fat Boy Slim, these five took some horribly misguided advice and downed a bottle of Rush or Liquid Gold and had to be rushed to the hospital.

We have to assume they’re all straight — gays should really know better than that.

Last week we reported the UK banned the sale of poppers altogether, and we found it a bit extreme.

Now maybe we know why.

“We are now extremely concerned that people are drinking poppers and this poses a significant risk to life and would urge anyone using, or considering using them or any ‘legal high’ to cease from doing so immediately, before it’s too late,” said Chief Inspector Gary Simpson.

America, we never thought we’d have to say this, but please don’t drink poppers and ruin it for everyone else.

h/t: FactMag