Forget The Turkey—Cher Serves Dessert Early With New Single, “Woman’s World”

A true diva doesn’t let anything steal focus—not even a national holiday.

Immortal goddess Cher has dropped her new single “Woman’s World” on the Internets, saving millions of gay men from a joyless Thanksgiving dinner with their family. Just pop that sucker on yr iPod and drown out your brother’s claims that Romney was robbed.

On her Twitter feed, Cher explained that, “when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women….Then I Thought “fk That””THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD” We’re All Strong ! MEN 2 !”

Does Thanksgiving finally have its own dance anthem? Sing out in the comments section.

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  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I’m so glad Cher is still doing dance number. This should be a hit.
    Allen Andrew ManoftheYear I t u n e s

  • kernelt

    Finally, it feel like forever, but finally!! :D
    Cher, you rock!

  • horace

    Wow, She’ll only be 70 in 3 1/2 years so she she be good till like 80 right?
    Yeah right. Barf.

  • nowliveit

    Love it, Cher.
    I was hoping that you’d get a number 1 song this decade to keep up your record. You are timeless and superb.

  • Dumdum

    @horace: Jealous much. So in 3 1/2 years you will be like what? 9 or 10 ? I wish this was a woman’s world, call me when Hillary is our new president. I remember when She and Sonny had their show and Chastity/ Chaz was a little girl. Gawd I feel older than dirt today. Still full from dinner. Happy Black Friday Girls, get out there and shop. Like we need an excuse. lol.

  • Cam

    It would be fun to have her get another hit just because of the amazing statistic of havint hits in every decade from the 60’s on up.

    Look at that picture I do have to say that Chad Michaels on “Drag Race” does look spookily like her!

  • DarkZephyr

    @horace: Agism sucks.

  • erikwm

    This is perfect for Hillary 2016.

    Go get ’em, girls!

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