A former contestant on ABC show The Bachelorette has opened up about being bisexual. Josh Seiter appeared in Season 11 of the show, which aired in 2015.

Now aged 35, he talked to Instinct, who asked him when he knew he was bisexual.

“Unlike some people, my awareness of my bisexuality manifested later in life,” he said. “I think there are a number of reasons for this. I was homeschooled from preschool until college by parents who were born again Christians. We belonged to a sort of Christian cult of other homeschooled children, where we had to follow pretty draconian rules about what we could and couldn’t do, say, and think.”

He says his upbringing played a big part in him not acknowledging his sexuality sooner.

“I always knew as an early teen I was different sexually, I just don’t think I had the vocabulary to articulate what that difference was. I don’t think the vocabulary ITSELF even existed. Now, with hindsight, I can see clearly that I’ve been starkly aware of my bisexuality and attraction to men and women since at least college.”

Asked why he chose to come out now, he pointed to several reasons. He has undergone therapy, he now cares less about what other people thought about him, and he realized the importance of speaking out to help combat stigma. He also recently entered into a relationship with a “close male friend”.

Those factors together, “resulted in me really wanting to be open to the world about who I am and how I identify. And that’s what brought me here.”

According to TV Shows Ace, Seiter’s friend is named David and works as an “exotic dancer”. The men have been an item since last November.

Escort work

Asked if he was coming out to extend his 15 minutes of fame, Seiter suggested he can’t control how people react to his news. He just wants to live in his truth.

“I have extremely thick skin. I’ve been called every name in the book, almost all of them false. I’ve been called a prostitute, a clout chaser, a fame whore, wanna-be, reality TV whore, you name it. I can’t stress how little people’s opinion of me matters. Losing my father taught me that unless something affects my ability to see or communicate with my family members and loved ones, it simply doesn’t matter. My therapy has taught me the same thing. I might prefer to be liked, but if I’m not, that’s neither awful nor terrible, and life will go on.”

Instinct also asked Seiter asked about previously shaking his booty as a dancer at a male revue club in Chicago and rumors of escort work under the name ‘Andrew Dean’. He clarified it was only ever for women.

“I was a male companion for women with the escorting site Cowboys4Angels, I have never been one for men.”

Check out some more photos below of Seiter from his Instagram account.

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